There Is a Conspiracy

I found this story while I was looking for a notebook. However, I only wrote one and a half chapters. Lol. Even I have no clue what this story is about. I just know there's a conspiracy with robots and humans. I would be really thankful if you collaborated ^_^

Run. Run. Run. Run.

Her heart thumped.

Numbness climbed through her body.

Run. Run. Run. Run.

At every step, ice tore at her feet, leaving a trail of blood.

Don't stop, not if you value your life. She thought. Just run.

She didn't know when the blizzard started beating her.

She didn't know when the black frostbite began crawling up her legs.

But she knew she could never go back.

Not now.

Not ever.

Lungs burning, she rubbed at the frozen tears that ran down her cheeks.

The ice desert of death stretched out, out, out, before her. She didn't know where she was going.

Despite that, she knew it would be better than where she was before.

Where her parents died.

Where her sister died.

Where her best friend died.

Where she almost died.

The grand ruler said this would make life better.

For him, maybe.

As she looked onward it seemed like someone smudged the whole place as if it were a painting. Then she found herself kneeling, calling for God, and then face down in the snow.

The End

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