DO NOT RATE It is a mistake!

The buzz of the bar mixed in with the dim light setting calmed me down. I looked into the frothy layer on the top of my beer, condensation slowly rolling down to collect into a puddle at the bottem. The bar was like any other bar, high chairs at the serving actual bar and tables in clusters around the room, trying to allow space for the giant pool table that dominated the middle of the room. Behind the bar had a range of sparkling glasses and dusty wine bottles lining the self. The bar attendant stood their, he was wearing a black waist coat and white long sleeved shirt as well as black trousers, he had a cloth in one hand and was wiping it over a glass even though it couldn't become anymore clean.

''Hey! Vejs, are you listening to me?'' I glanced sideways at my companion who sat there one glass in hand about to tip it into his mouth. I gave him a glare which said to leave me alone. My companion had sparkling blue eyes that seemed to swallow you up, and blond hair that seemed to belong to one of those sufer dudes. He had a white shirt on with the top few buttons open at the top and brown army shorts along with sandles. He had a stocky body but wasn't fat, he just looked like someone you would want on your side if you got into a fight.

''Udens, you realise that you kind of stick out here in your get up. We're meant to be blending in.'' I said looking back at my drink, trying to decide weather or not I really wanted the bitter liquid that seemed to fasinate Udens. I heard Udens put down his glass and heave a sigh, I risked a glance sideways at him.
''Ok! Fine I wasn't listening, happy?''

This just caused Udens to puff up like a blow fish, he made as if to hit me but instead ruffled my hair. I rolled my eyes becoming annoyed that he kept doing that just because I was a year younger then him.

''God Vejs! This is important, it affects you and might save you a lot of trouble in the long run.''

''Yeah, yeah'' I said waving my hand and looking away. I put my chin on my hand and looked moodly out of the window to my right, I small drizzle was slowly falling down. I could tell that Udens was upset, it never rained unless he wanted it to or if he was really worried, he took another swig of drink before gagging from it. His price.

''Fine! What do you want Udens?''

''It's not what I want so much as it's what they want!'' He said giving me a pointed look trying to hide his distaste for the drink in his hand, I heaved a sigh and got up leaving my half finished drink behind and the money on the counter. I pulled open the door and began walking down the little country street, rain drizzling down. I put up my hood but some of the water drizzled down my back and along m spine. I could hear Udens leaving the bar and following me.

''Vejs! Just listen for once!'' Stopping to let Udens catch up I looked upwards at the silver moon, the nigth sky was clear with no stars in the sky, I breathed in the night air tasting the cleaness of it.

''Laiks and Telpa have decided to go to war, well not really war but you get what I mean.'' I did get what he meant, Laiks and Telpa going to war was just a smart way of saying that one wanted to destroy the other and whoever won would declare himself 'ruler' over the Nobodies. Appart from the fact that we weren't allowed leaders, they seemed set on it. Never being able to be in the same room without one or the other upsetting the balance and causing a great rift on Earth.

''And? What should I care?''I said shrugging my shoulders as I looked a Udens. He threw up his hands and shouted at me.

''YOU! DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU WHY? Seriously, Vejs you know why! Your going to have to support one or else!'' He peered into the shadows as if they were going to get mugged. I just sighed and sat down on the pavement, back against the wall.

''To be honest I don't want to get involved. I'm fed up with people trying to use me.''

''But Vejs, you know WHY people want to use you. All the rest of us have to pay a price to use our powers and travel through the screens, but you? ''

''Yeah and you know why I don't but won't tell me!'' I said glaring at him, he just sighed and dropped his head inbetween his knees.

''I can't tell you beacause It would effect the future to the extent that you wouldn't understand! That's why I've told no one else, if they found out it would just prove fatal'' I just looked away, anger boling the insides of my stomach until I wanted to be sick.

''Vejs! Look out!'' I looked up sharply in time to see the lamp post infront of me bend in a impossible manner and fall towards me. I jumped up trying to get out of the way, but instead I fell backwards through the wall! I felt myself land on hard ground and found myself in a grand, palace like throne room. The whole room was white and I was sitting on the floor looking at the wall I had just fallen through.

''Why, what perfect timing Vejs! I was just about to send for you.'' Chortoled a voice behind me. I got up and turned round to face whoever had dragged me here. Who I saw just made me fall on my butt again as she laughed.

The End

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