The Nobodies

This is a helper's guide on how to say the names! The names basically mean their powers' but in a different language (I picked the coolest looking one)

Ok so here it goes;

Sezonas- See-Zon-As. She has the powers over the seasons which basically means the power over the weather such as thunder, lightning, hail, snow, heatwaves etc. Others can cause these weather conditions but it takes more of their power and only Sezonas can control the weather around the Earth.

Laime- La-Mee. She controls the probability of luck, basically meaning that she can control the good happenings for example, finding water in the desert or finding a weakness in an enemy.

Nave- Na-V. Controls the power over death, he can make things die such as plants and animals. He can only kill a person once every year, he also has the respect of all carrion eating animals. He causes the bloodlust in certain humans and is the main cause for madness, even the Nobodies fear him so he has been sealed away where his madness can only seep out in small amounts.

Dzive- Dee-Siv-Ee. Has the power over life. He is the twin brother of Nave, he watches over his brothers' prison. He can bring animals and plants back to life if they have only been dead less then a year. He can only bring a human back to life if they have been dead for less then four days, however he is always moving and hard to locate. He loaths the Nobodies for what they have caused to happen to him and his brother.

Nelaime- Ne-Lam-Ee. Has the power over Misfortune, can cause bad luck, causes the probability of bad things to happen. She can pulsate her power in an aura like wave and effect all around her. If she does not do this the power will cause herself to have bad luck. She can cause structures to weaken, cause people to trip or get trapped etc.

Tumsa- Tomb-Saa. Has the power over darkness. She is the sister of Gaisma, back when they were kids the two were regarded as the God's gift. However due to Tumsa's power, her people tried to sacrifice her to the God's by cutting ot her heart, but her power saved her as she turned her whole clan blind, to forever walk in the shadows. Tumsa protects her sister with feirce power for she feels responsible for the loss of Gaisma's sight. Her power includes; Blindness, manipulation of darkness (e.g. Hallucinations), Shadow walking and the Nightmare Realm.

Gaisma- Gay-Sma. Has the power over light. She has always been regarded as the purest being and is the center of the myths of angels. However an unfortunate situation left Gaisma blind at a young age. She is the sister of Tumsa who she loves more then anyone and hates to see hurt. Her power includes; deafness, manipulation of light (e.g. invisibility), the all seeing eye (can only be active when there is real light (sun), not lamp light etc) and the Dream World.

Tieslietu- Tis-Let-To. Has the power over Karma. She can control the probability of something bad or something good happening. For example she could make the crops good this year or choose not to. She is the Lady of Judgement and resides in the land of Pass-over, this is where mortals thought to be hidden Nobodies are taken and Judged, if there are found not to be a Nobody they have their memory wiped by Tieslietu and sent back to the human world. If they are found to be Nobodies they are Judged by Tieslietu and she reads their Karma, which is basically seeing if they are a good or bad Nobody. Tieslietu has the ability to read people's aura's but is overpowered by strong feeling people which is why she resides in the land of Pass-over.


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The End

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