The In Between

Setting the scene of the In Between

On one side there was war, on the other there was fire and baked orange clouds. A screen shimered in between these two scenes, a spear was hurled towards it and disappeared as it touched the shimmering mass. Nothing got through, it just dissapeared, no one can see the screen, to them the spear would have carried on until it hit its mark.
The In Between was a forest, grey grass lined up and down between the scenes of life and death playing before 'their' eyes, if you stood still there you would be standing on a tilt. No wind blew between the dark red trees, no leaves lay on the grey grass, nothing moved at all in the In Between garden. The sky was a multitude of colours, swirling to be united and divided, you could spend ages watching and you would never see the same pattern again, some go mad from the futures it predicts and the changing of the past, it scorches the brain imprinting the many futures that may or may not be, the weaving of time as it was and will be.

Nothing moved in the In Between, life was not possible neither was death, but things belonged there, to watch over life and death, the weaving of the world. They were called the Nobodies, neither alive or dead, they kept the world in balance, the deaths never out wayed the living or vice versa under the tender or rough care of the Nobodies. The Nobodies could become whatever they wanted, could twist the very dimensions of space and time, the impossible came possible. They could do anything, they have contributed in our time, pushing the balance so that it would not tip and melt the world into the endless cahos that surfaces on the edge of the brink. They were there to sink the city of Alantic because it came too close to absolute peace, they were there to contribute to the WW2 making sure that one side would win, to protect the other. They were the ones who gave Pandora the pot that caused all the misery in the world, and watched as their task was never complited for Pandora closed the box before Hope could be brought forth. They watched, and waited. Yet nobody came to release their balancing of Hope. So the world began to tip, the Nobodies watched and chose one of them to bring the pot back to them with Hope in it so they could release it. The Nobody never returned... Darkness enfuled the world. Time passed, ages died and still the pot never returned, forever lost along with the Nobody who never returned to the impassable In Between. The Nobodies delighted in the workings of the world and became know as the Gods that people worship, the Hero's of legend, the Villans of Old always there yet never recognized for their true beings.

They stood in their garden of grey grass and a forest of dark red trees. Seasons never controlled the In Between, nothing changed, time was a myth there. The Nobodies controlled everything, but only one Nobody had each power, One would have power over the seasons, luck, death, life, bad luck, karma, dark, light, time, space, dimensions, animals, water, air, fire,earth... and so on until together they may control the workings of the universe yet never able to rule over unless in agreement with the other Nobodies.

The End

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