AUGUST 16—Day 9


Yes indeed, we are approaching the 10-day mark. Tomorrow, it will have been 10 days since we moved to Glenview, although you would never know it if you saw the house. Mom’s been going at it like a maniac; in the first three days she painted all the upstairs. On the fourth, she “helped” me un-pack, a.k.a. went through all my stuff—again—and tried to convince me to throw things out, before organizing everything to clinical perfection. I suppose some things simply can’t be helped.


Dad’s been around. He tries to give Mom a hand, but let’s face it: Dad clearly is not the handy man of this operation. Mom lets him paint primer coats or asks him to do some lifting, but apart from that he just wanders around. He starts as head of general surgery at K. L. Glenview Hospital next week so he’ll have something to do then. I hope.


I went to “town” with him the day before yesterday. He went to do something at the hospital and left me to wander around—which basically means walking up and down Main Street. But it wasn’t that bad. Nothing like downtown Toronto, obviously, but there were some neat eclectic shops, a few coffee shops, restaurants, a second hand store, a dry cleaner’s and an old gothic hotel.


Eventually I picked an interesting looking coffee shop /art gallery / living room, ordered a coffee from an equally interesting looking middle-aged French woman and did some reading. Best afternoon so far.


I was thinking of doing the same today, but it’s been raining non-stop so I figured it wasn’t worth it. However, we did get a visit from a couple of neighbours, a father and daughter who live on the property behind ours.


The girl, Thea, looks about my age. She has long, straight, jet-black hair and copper skin. Her eyes have the Native look, but are much lighter and warmer than the black irises that Natives normally have. My guess is that her mother’s Native because her father, Robyn, has greyed brown hair, green eyes and freckles. She seemed all right, kind of cold though at first though. I got the impression she resented being here. But after a while it was okay. We talked a bit. Mostly about me and Toronto and Reilly. She didn’t seem to have much to say about herself other than she has three brothers.


It’s still good to know someone here, I suppose. Her dad teaches at Great Oaks, my new school. English I think. He invited me to come over this week. I think I’ll go. I haven’t been around real people since the going away party. Should be all right, as long as things don’t get too… woodsy. I am, and will always be, a city boy. There’s just no helping it. But I’m going to have to tough out the next couple of years here (until university) so I might as well get over it.


Anyhow I smell food. Hunger calls. I’ll write soon—hopefully. 9 days is a big enough gap between entries.




The End

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