A Good Day to Die (but I'm not ready)

It's dawn, cold mist creeps in thru the small opening.  I swallow a bit of coffee water and chew on the last morsel.  I needed more food but more so,  I had to find you.

It's funny how a relationship can go from mundane to dynamic in an instant,  that's the only thing I can thank them for.   Grabbing the sawed off and my machete I crawl slowly thru the opening into the pale light.  I stop and sniff the air, you could smell them.  It's quiet, deathly quiet, and that is unsettling. 

The path was covered by overhanging moss that clung to the giant trees.  I remember thinking how strange the trees looked when they first appeared.  The trunks were gnarled and twisted, they were huge and oozed some kind of red sap that almost looked like blood.

A few yards outside the shelter I heard a shuffling, something was moving in the brush.  I raised the machete, crouched down low and waited.  Out of the mist a dog appeared.  It was hurt, I could see that, it's gaunt sides sticking to it's ribs.  It raised it's huge head and stared at me with dead eyes.  I felt bad for it, but I couldn't take the chance that it had been infected.  I struck quick, didn't want it to suffer.  I took the head off.

There was the need for stealth, and I think that was worse on my leg than moving quickly or running.  By the time I made it to the city limits, the wound was bleeding.  I couldn't stop, I knew you were in there somewhere.

I had a few hours of daylight left, ignoring the pain I began to search.  The Riteaid drug store wasn't that far,  we could use more supplies.

I stayed close to the buildings, the mist helped.  Entering the store I stopped to listen.  It was quiet.  I walked in and went straight for the meds, I realized I was breathing hard, stopping to rest I heard it...

Two in the front of me, their tongues tasting the air, one on the side of me,  I almost ran past them until I noticed, the hoard behind them....

I was outnumbered... I calculated my ammo, not enough, glancing to my left, I saw the stairs.  I took them two at a time, barricaded myself in the small office at the top...  I plopped down against the door to catch my breath and take the pressure off my throbbing leg. 

I guess today was as good a day as any to die... thing was, I wasn't ready, where are you!!!!

The End

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