Imagine an invasion... two people alone... being pursued by the enemy...

A dog barking in the distance makes me feel lonely.  How long has it been, five, six days?  My food is running out, I will have to venture out soon.  Raising the tin lid on top of the fire to let some warmth in, I hear a twig crack.  If you were here, this wouldn't even phase me, but being alone, my heart beats triple time, my breath is shallow and quick.  Absolute stillness, staring into the darkness beyond the small glow of the pit.  A pair of eyes and I quiet down, just an animal.  

We built the enclosure with a small opening, harder for bears and them to get in.  Hard for us too and we had to pay attention before entering because, it put us at our most vulnerable.  However, once inside it was safe as was possible, relatively warm, and when you are here, very cozy.

I knew I should have gone with you, I could have taken the pain in my leg, I won't be able to take the pain in my heart if you don't return.  I should be there to watch your back.  Right now, I needed to shut my eyes, the lids felt heavy and gritty, my leg throbbed with a heartbeat all it's own.  

Tomorrow I will look for you...

The End

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