Just The Beginning

Just a typical love story, with just a bit of a deadly twist.

There's a boy and girl; she, being haunted by her past, and he, just looking for a future. They met before, when they were younger. He was an alien to her normal world, she was a mystery he wanted to know. But they went they're separate ways, never sparing a backwards glance. Two years go by, they meet again, he a Junior in high school, she, new fresh meat. She was eyeing out another boy, suffering from the ignorance of his eyes to her. She ran to the boy for help, and help he gave her. He never knew what would come of that, what would happen. Before we know it, she's falling for the boy. Yes, she fell hard. She struggled to hide it, but it was so hard. Next thing we know, she spills her secret to him, and he backs away.... 

Away from her.

Time goes by, and they still talk, as friends. She keeps wondering if he felt the same about her, but didn't have the guts to ask. Finally, he admitted it to her. Yes, he likes her too. The thrill that came made her feel wanted, and like she's worth it. Prom was around the corner, and he had asked her to go with him. Maybe it was just because he felt bad for her. Maybe he just couldn't find someone else to go with him, so he took her, since he knew that she so desperately wanted to.

That night came, and she felt like a princess. So unlike herself, so majestic, she'd possibly put the goddess Athena to shame. A flowing chiffon royal blue dress, her black hair softly around her face. She felt beautiful....but she also felt fake. She brushed off those feelings when he came, looking stunning in his tux. When they took pictures, he rested his hand on her waist and her hand. Uncomfortable, she began to sweat and begged her family to hurry up with the photos. She was all too happy to leave once that was done.

The prom was like a dream, music and lights all around. Bodies whirled in time to the beat, but she decided to just sit. She was never much of dancer. However, anger aspired in her when a friend of her date asked him to dance with her. Jealousy moved her to pull him away, but the guilt ate at her, and she stood aside as her watched her battle within herself. He asked her if she needed a hug, and she said yes. His arms encircled her, pulling her into a tight embrace. She felt comforted, thought the thought of him leaving next year seemed to haunt her. Despite the tears, she held onto him for dear life and buried her face in his shoulder.

Then he whispered those words to her that she'd hold dear forever in her heart....will you be my girlfriend? And as his voice echoed in her mind, she said yes. When she was dropped off, she felt so confident and so happy....

Nothing could outshine her now.

The End

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