Chapter 1

Hanna plays for her high school water polo team. She was practicing when the unthinkable happens. Her dad's girlfriend's son comes on the pool deck.

It was just a normal day at school for Hanna.  She went to all of her classes, did all her work and then the best part of her day was there, water polo practice.  Hanna was blond with blue eyes.  She was having a pretty crappy day already, but water polo made everything ok.  The team was a giant dysfunctional family.  They always had a great time together no matter how big the swim sets were.  

She was getting in the pool and saw him walk onto the pool deck.  He looked right at her and walk to her coach.  They were talking for about  two minutes and her coach looked at her, called her out of the pool, told her to get her parka on and to come back out.  Hanna was practically running into the locker room, partly because it was freezing out of the pool, but because he was there, at her school, on her pool deck.  The he in all this, is Lucas.  He has short blond hair and big brown eyes.  But, there was one problem, he was her dad’s girlfriend’s son.  She has always liked him, but has always known that nothing will ever happen between them.  

She thinks about what is going to happen while she is ruffling through her locker to find her parka.  She finds it and hurries back onto the pool deck back to her coach.  Her coach says that she has twenty minutes and then he needs to be gone.  They go and sit on the bleachers and start talking.

“Um… What are you doing here?” She asked confused.

“I… um… have something to confess to you…” He said looking down, “I have liked you, a lot, ever since my mom met your dad.”

“Really?” She said blushing, “Because I like you too.  I like you a lot.”

“Wow, that is not the response that I was expecting.”

“What did you expect me to say?”  She asked.

“I thought that, maybe, you would laugh in my face, and I just wanted to tell you before it was too late.”

“Well, you thought wrong.  I like you more than any other guy that I have liked before.” She said with her quirky smile.

“Then this will be a lot easier than I thought it would be, do you maybe want to go see a movie on Saturday?” He asked looking up into her eyes.

“Of course!  You don’t even understand how happy I am right now!” She said with excitement.

“Great.  What’s your number so I can text you when I will pick you up.”

“Gimme your phone and I’ll put it in there.” She said as she took his phone and put her number in.

“Thanks, I’ll text you when I leave so that way you have my number on your phone.”

“My, coach is looking at us and I think our time is up.  I really have to go put this back in my locker.  I’ll see you Saturday.” She said as she started to walk back to the locker room.

When Hanna got out of sight, her coach called Lucas over.

“So, what’s your name?” She asked him.


“Well Lucas, I know you too are going to be going on a date, and let me tell you something.  If you hurt her in any way, you will be sorry.  The whole team will be looking for you, and we will hunt you down, and you will pay for what you did to her.” She said as she added a smile on her face.

“I promise I won’t do anything to her but make her happy.” He responded surprised.

“Good.  You should probably get off the pool deck before she comes back out, and make sure that you don’t mention this little talk I had with you to her.”

“Okay, I’ll leave now.” He said walking off the pool deck.

Hanna was walking out of the locker room right when he left.  She got in the pool and started her warm up.  Everybody was staring at her, but she ignored it and acted like nothing had happened .  But something had happened.  She was dating her dad’s girlfriend’s son.

The End

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