Their Meeting

             She walked through the trees, following the narrow dirt path towards the small clearing. As she walked, she replayed the conversation or their agreement to meet in her mind, lingering on every word he said. Every expression he made, the sparkle in his eyes, the curving of his lips with every syllable he spoke, and adoring the fact that she loved him so dearly. It seemed as if her heart beat louder with every step because it drew her closer to him. She approached the end of the trees. She could now see the small meadow. Her heart grew louder now. And it was then she saw the body. His body, laying there completely still.She knew then that there was no use in calling for him. No use in running to his motionless body and trying to shake him awake, bringing him back to her. She stood, taking it in, trying to understand, at the tree line. She gently sighed and then collapsed, her dress slowly mimicking her body; a cloud of white cushioning her as she fell to her knees. She sat there, her arms clinging to her torso as if though her soul had been viciously torn from her body, and silently yet still rapidly, began to weep. She stayed there for a long time, she didn't know how long, her eyes closed, still crying over the man she loved. And then there was a touch, one she would know anywhere. Her sight blurred with tears as she looked up to see him raising his cool hand, caressing her face and brushing away the hot beads of tears streaking across her cheek. He looked so different, yet still exactly the person she knew for what seemed like forever. His beautiful face was more angelic than ever; something she thought impossible. "You mustn't  fret, my dear. I must go, but I will never leave you." He seemed to be almost a figment as he spoke these words. "But haven't you already left me?" She worried of his reply. "My body has left you, but our love will keep here, with you."  She started to tear again as she spoke. "But I don't understand, you were perfectly well when we agreed to meet earlier today." He looked at her in remorse, "I am sorry this had to happen, my belle, but last night when I saw you, I knew something was wrong. obviously not between us, but something was almost ominous. I knew I had to get you here. this is where I took you when I fell in love with you. our love has always been pure here. I told you I will never leave you, but that is useless without you, for it is you that mustn't leave me." She starred at him, his body kneeling before her, his eyes intent on her. " I don't understand." He dropped his head and sighed. "Our love keeps me here with you. It is most pure here, with you. I am trapped here. But you can come and go as you please. do you understand why i cannot be with you unless you promise you won't leave me?" She looked at him, a glimmer of hope in her eyes. "You will never leave me?" He gently kissed the top of her hand. "Never my love." Her lips curved up into a delighted smile. "I promise. I love you and I promise!" He stood, her hand still in his, and she followed. His face glowing with the joy that would make saints weep. "Then that is that, we will be together." He stroked her cheek with his free hand and said to her," Our love shall be the most beautiful and peaceful bliss ever to be." She carefully stretched up to kiss him. He gracefully lifted her so she wouldn't have to strain. He intently kissed her back, completely drenched in adoration and joy. And that is how they shared a glorious and peaceful forever.

The End

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