Their Fictional Life - Chapter 4 - The Drunk and the HeroineMature

  She let out a muffled sigh as she bit down on the soft, warm flesh of his neck. Nick’s hands ran up and down her sides, over the perfect curves of her body. Her red, purple, and black dyed hair hung in her face as she kissed his neck. Her green eyes were closed, and encircled in black eyeliner and accented by purple eye shadow. Nick pulled away from Ashlee Cormier. “We should probably stop. Your Mom or Step-Dad could be home any minute.” Ashlee stopped straddling Nick and reverted to a semi laying down position, snuggling into his arms. “I guess you’re right. But I don’t expect either of them will be home any time soon.” At that moment there was a knock at the front door. Ashlee got to her feet and stretched. She slowly walked to the front door and grabbed a hold of the shiny, metal handle. “Who is it?” she questioned. There was a short pause. “Let me in you Emo hooker!” Ashlee’s eyes narrowed. “Don’t call me an Emo hooker you midget!” Ashlee opened the door. Evan and Tayler stood there smiling. “Can we come in for a minute?” Ashlee nodded and let them in. The sun danced on her vibrant hair. Nick walked over and said his hellos to Evan and Tayler. The four laughed and talked for a few minutes before retreating to the couch. Ashlee sat on Nick’s lap, and Tayler followed suit. “So what are you guys doing here?” Evan looked over at Nick. “Well, we wanted to see if you guys wanted to double date and go to the movies.” Ashlee stood up and walked out of the living room, in the direction of the kitchen. From the kitchen she replied “It’s okay with me. What movie?” Just as Evan opened his mouth to speak the front door opened and Ashlee’s Step-Father walked in; more of a stumble really, and he smelt heavily of liquor. He was a tall man, with a clean stubble covering his chin and parts of his cheeks. His eyes seemed black and were sunken into his head slightly. Rob Fitzgerald raised a hand to his balding head and scratched it. He studied the three teen sitting in his living room. He lowered his arm back down to his side and his eyes narrowed. “What are you people doing in my house?” He stumbled toward them slowly.

Tayler got off of Evan’s lap and stood. Nick and Evan were to their feet in a heartbeat. Perhaps two, because their hearts skipped a beat when Rob’s fists clenched into solid balls of drunk anger. Nick decided to try and calm Rob down. “Rob, it’s okay. Ashlee’s here with us, she’s just in the kitchen. We didn’t break in or anything.” Rob stopped and studied Nick. His lipped curled into a snake-like snarl. “So you were here alone with my daughter?” “Well, no, Evan and Tayler are here t...” “You been doing things to my daughter, Nick?” Rob’s voice was now a loud, piercing holler, of which he obtained when he was in the military. “No, Rob, calm down. We weren’t...” Ashlee appeared in the doorway of the living room holding a glass of orange juice. “Rob, what’re you doing?” Her voice has a noticeable hint of fear in it. Rob seemed to pick up on this quickly despite his impairment. “How could you have sex, under my roof? You little slut!” Rob started towards Ashlee, a fist cocked and ready to swing. Like a gun made of flesh and bone. Ashlee screamed and ran. Nick watched the glass fall from her hand. It fell in slow motion before his eyes. It connected with the ground and shattered up and outward. Orange juice and glass flying in all directions. It was almost like a miniature bomb, with a spray of orange and transparent rainbow. It shattered and Nick snapped out of it. He took notice of the fact that he was now alone in the living room with Tayler. Evan’s voice echoed in his head. “Get away from her you son of a bitch!” Ashlee’s sobs were also audible. In this rapid fire assault of emotions, Nick managed to run to the kitchen. Ashlee was laying on the floor holding her face. Her cries muffled by her hands. Evan was dodging Rob’s punches trying not to get pummelled. Nick scanned the kitchen. He took notice of a frying pan lying on the counter closer to Ashlee, and a baseball bat past Ashlee in the back porch. Either way, to get to one he would have to attempt to run past Rob. Nick was about to make a move when there was the loud ‘smack’ of flesh and bone connecting with flesh and bone. Evan crashed to the floor, unconscious and bleeding from his nose. Rob turned on Nick and swung his muscular arm. Nick dove for the counter and Rob’s fist connected with the white steel of the fridge. There was a crunch as his knuckles broke. He let out a howl of pain. The fridge was horribly dented and there were a few tiny specks of blood in the dent. Nick got to his feet and clasped the smooth, plastic handle of the frying pan. When he turned to hit Rob with it, there was a loud ‘smack’ and an explosion of pain. His vision suddenly blurred and went dark. The pain rippled across his face. He fell to the floor in a heap beside Ashlee, who was still holding her face and quietly sobbing. Nick tried to gather himself but Rob was on him before he could sort what had just happened out. Rob lifted Nick to his feet by his throat. Rob stared Nick in the eyes as he began to choke him. Nick’s hands grabbed Rob’s and tried to loosen the grip, but to no avail. Nick’s vision began to slowly fade to black again as the life was slowly choked out of him, when suddenly the grip let go and thrust him against the kitchen stove. The was a large ‘thud’ and then another as Nick connected with the floor. Before he lost consciousness he saw Tayler standing over Rob, holding the baseball bat. Which was now slightly caked with dripping crimson. Everything went black.

The End

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