Their Fictional Life - Chapter 3 - A Field of CottonMature

  She knocked on the faded, white door and waited patiently. Her long, flowing, blonde hair seemed to sparkle in the bright afternoon sun. Her sparkling blue eyes were encircled with black eye liner, which made them appear even brighter. Her teeth were hidden by braces, and her white shirt was almost completely see through, letting the black of her bra show through. Her skinny jeans went down to meet up with a pair of red converse. Evan appeared in the doorway. “Hey baby.” He leaned down and kissed the girl. He motioned for her to go into the house, so she did. She walked into the living room and stared at the broken table. “What on earth were you doing?” Evan wrapped his arms around her. “Got bored and gave my table a mean arm drop.” The girl laughed. “No, really. What happened?” “I dove into it by accident. You want a Pepsi?” The girl nodded. Evan went to the kitchen and opened up the old, yellowed fridge. “Tayler, all I have is Mug. Is that fine?” Tayler Cotton plopped herself down on the old, green couch. It’s fabric was nice and soft. “Mhm.” Evan returned with a can of Mug root beer and sat himself down beside Tayler. He handed the can to her and put his arm around her. “You want to go out, maybe get Nick and Ashlee? I think they’re over at Ashlee’s. We could all go to the movies.” Tayler took a sip from her root beer. “Sounds good to me, Evan.”

Evan and Tayler walked down the road, hand in hand. They were about halfway to their destination Evan stopped walking. “You want to take a short cut through this field?” He motioned towards a field full of tall grass and wheat. “It’ll get us there like, ten minutes faster.” Tayler said she did. So they started walking through the waist high grass and wheat. Evan went to say something when he tripped over a large rock, he fell, taking Tayler down with him. They both disappeared into the sea of green. Tayler landed on top of Evan. He let out an audible ‘oof’. “Evan, are you okay?” He looked up at her, and pulled her in close to him and pressed his lips against hers. Everything disappeared. To her there was nothing, no field, no cars, no people walking by. Just her and Evan.

The End

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