Their Fictional Life - Chapter 2 - The Main CharactersMature

  The message popped up on the screen. “Man, I’m finally finished!” Evan Haley sat up straight and began typing. His black hair, which hung down to just below his eyes shifted slightly as he did so. He brushed it away. The dim lights in his living room illuminated his spiked and patched jacket. A barely visible design of a skull was visible on one of the pockets. He responded to the message. “Cool man, send it over.” The transfer of “Their Fictional Life” from Nick lasted a few minutes. Evan said goodbye to Nick and began to read the story.

A few hours had passed and Evan decided to give the story a break. He looked over at the small silver clock on the wall. It read four O’clock. Evan looked outside. It was bright and sunny. Pink and blue butterflies danced in the cool spring air. He slipped on his worn leather pair of boots and was about to walk out the door when the phone rang. His hand grabbed the smooth plastic phone and lifted it to his ear. He pressed the green “talk” button. “Hello?” A soft female voice with an English accent answered him. “Hey Evan. Can you guess who this is?” Evan’s jaw dropped. The phone slipped from his hand and began to fall towards the hardwood floor. Evan dove and caught the phone. He crashed into a small coffee table, sending an empty vase flying through the air. It shattered against the wall. Evan put the phone back to his ear. “Evan? Evan?” “Yeah?” he groaned. “What was that? Are you okay?” Evan got to his feet and observed the damage he had just caused. The coffee table was in pieces, the vase was in pieces, and there was a rather large dent in the wall where the vase had hit. “You ever had one of those moments where you’re like a bull in a china shop?” There was a long silence and then the voice giggled. “No?” Evan sighed. “I just demolished all the china in...china.”

On the other end of the phone call, Beckee Frost, a tall girl with long brown hair and a near perfect complexion was laughing so hard tears began to form in her hazel eyes. She was sitting in her house, across the ocean from Nick and Evan, in England. “Oh Evan, just for the record, I love you.” Evan laughed. “Oh, I fail at life.” The two continued chatting and laughing. “Oh, Evan. I almost forgot to tell you. I’m moving to Amherst!” There were a series of crashes on the other end of the call. “Evan? Are you destroying more china?” Evan laughed. “No, just trying to clean up the mess I already made. That’s great that you’re moving over here! Nick’s going to trip out.” Beckee smiled. “Yeah. My Mother and Father won a big cash payout from the lotto. They knew how much I’ve wanted to go to Canada so we talked it over and they bought me a house!”  Evan went silent for a few minutes. “Hello? Evan?” “I’ll be visiting whenever I can then.” Beckee leaned back in her soft, leather chair. “It’s going to be so lonely in that house all alone though. It’s got four bedrooms. It’s fucking huge! ...Wait a minute! I know! Evan, you and Nick should move in with me!” Evan almost fainted. “Well, I know Nick will jump at the chance, but I’ll have to make sure it’s okay with my parents.” Beckee grinned. “Awesome. Well, I have to get going Evan, I’ll talk to you later. Bye.” “Bye.” Beckee hung up the phone and scrambled around her room to get everything packed. She would be off to Canada in the morning.

The End

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