Their Fictional Life - Chapter 1 - Introduction / NickMature

It's fiction...but at the same time...not? Prepare to be immersed into the fictional life of real life friends.

  A teen of average height sat at his computer desk typing away like crazy. He had medium length brown hair, straightened and combed. The glow of the computer screen bounced off of his rectangular glasses. His band shirt labelling him as a metal head read “Five Finger Death Punch - The Way of the Fist”. Black and magenta striped gloves riddled with studs and safety pins covered his hands. He was working on a new project of his, a story. About the lives of his friends and himself, based off of true events, but at the same time, fictional. “Mistress” by Disturbed blasted from his computer speakers. His head bobbed up and down to the beat. Nick Morouney added the final period, and typed the title at the start. “Their Fictional Life”.

The End

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