Chapter 2

Dawn had come and gone hours ago when I stumbled upon a watering hole. Well, it wasn't much of a watering hole, instead, it was more like a paradise, well hidden in the thick Taine forest. How far have I walked? I pondered as I took in this amazing place with its' numerous waterfalls cascading down the steep and bumpy, dusty red side of the cliff into a miniture lake surrounded by stone, sand and the tall army-green trees famously called "The Morks".

I look around and see the various forest animals around me. They all look up, stare at me and then dash off all apart from the Balc. They were in a herd today. I liked them, for they carried great wisdom, are fierce warriors when they want to protect something and are said to carry great magic that can turn anything into paradise or hell depending on what they want you to see and feel. They all turn their heads at each of the other animal species as they dashed off into the forest. The Balc's eyes all stare after these animals with disapproving eyes at their cowardice. They then turn their furry blue heads to me and gave me an inviting gaze. They stamped their hooves and goaded me towards them by flicking their three tails towards me. I approached them cautiously and they waited patiently for me. When I was standing in front of -what was presumably- the leader of the herd, the others moved and trotted into place in a ring around me. I touched the leader's pointed ears and everything went dark.

I was sent into a memory of my past. A burning village. People running around the streets on fire and blood-curdling screams echoed around the area. I told them not to build their houses out of wattle and daub and not to put on a thatched roof, but they didn't listen. They argued that they were following the traditions of thousands of generations of ancestors. Somehow I knew I caused this. I must not be as clever as I thought. Suddenly something started glowing in my pocket. I touched the glowing part and felt the Chask Ture stone in my pocket. I took it out of my pocket, which was not expelling a strange heat. I held it up high and the stone grew brighter  until a beam of light shot up into the burning night air and illuminated the sky brightly. A tremendous booming voice rumbled from the sky. "Tsyn, bring the Chask Ture back to its' rightful place on Mount Purak in 30 days before the captain captures you! Go now before it's too late!"

I woke up to someone calling my name. I looked around myself, the Balc had all disappeared. No I doubt that. They've probably gone back to eating the forest. after giving me access to a repressed memory. I stood up and shook my head groggily. A figure walked casually towards me. After my vision cleared a bit more, I realised it was Daught. I knew what was coming next, but I couldn't go back, I had a mission to do. "I'm not going back", I said firmly. "Why? What have we ever done to insult you?" He said in a sneering voice and hardened expression. "No one has done anything. I just have something to do before the end of this month. I'll come back after that. I promise." I said sincerely, well to him it seemed sincere but I honestly did not know what was going to happen after my journey ends. "What do you have to do? Why didn't you tell anyone? Do you know how much everyone is worried about you at the moment?"  Daught said with rising anger. I sighed heavily, put a hand to my face in an act of frustration and patiently explained "I can't tell you what I have to do, it's a secret. All that you can know is that I'm going far away and I'll return within two months time. I know everyone is worried but I didn't tell anyone because they'd all want to go with me for my own 'protection' and this is a job I must do alone. " I said, putting emphasis on the word alone to try to make him drop the subject. "So, what? You're just going to get up and go on a pathetic field trip and leave us to perish? We might get found out and slaughtered like pigs!" He shouted at me with tears springing to his eyes. He's making this difficult for me. I thought angrily. "Look. You have all the best guards with you in that little shelter we have, there's only a slim chance you'll be found and at most that'll be a patrol guard of four that you all will make sure never see the light of day again so they can't go back and get reinforcements. You'll be fine without me. Now grow up, go back, give them my message and keep a cool and intelligent head. You are now in control." I said. He turned around with tears streaming from his eyes, shouting "fine then" and ran off back home. I didn't mean to be so strict and I know I just verbally slapped him in the face but he has to grow up sometime soon. Anyway, it's too late to apologize so I just left it and went on my journey. I walked to the driest part of the rock face next to the waterfall and began my arduous ascent up the waterfall. First my two hands to get me started then I jumped and planted my feet onto the side of the rock face and pulled myself onto the rock ledge. It was slightly easier after this, but only just. It was nearly sundown by the time I finished climbing the tall rock face and I was exhausted. I found a ditch near the river and I nestled down into it and fell asleep almost instantly with my cloak wrapped around me.

The End

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