("The different ones" we are the mass murderers )
"Have you ever had that sort of an impulse? Have you ever wanted just a taste and never be able to stop?
Evie is 15 and lives in a town called Milton Keynes she is like any other teenage girl in this town ... I live here to so trust me everyone here has their own little mental problems. I met Evie at a music gig once and she grabbed my attention not only was she amazingly good looking from the moment I saw her I knew she was like me. My plan is


Day 1 the plan begins

I saw her, I know now there is no doubt she is like me it’s her eyes, blank with a slight sparkle that does not even leave her eyes in the dark, there like mine we are different from everyone else. How do I tell her? When? I need her help if we are to find the others now I’ve found her I know I’m not alone in this world, there are others that we need to find.

Today I will talk to her but I have to wait until no one is there but us I don’t want to get court now I’ve come so far, I can taste it already the sweet taste of victory. Her and me we could start a clan, a clan of all of the different ones, the ones that have that uncontrollable over lowed of power to get what they need, what they desire, the very essence that stops us loosing are minds. That’s it I need her! She is the only one that can help me.

I followed her. I know she walks home threw the wood I’ll talk to her there, by the stump that has been carved and painted as Rupert the bear; no one ever walks that way at this time of the day. She stopped. I hid behind the nearest tree.

“i know your there so come out”

Damn how could i be so clumsy!! she saw me I’ve messed up every thing

“Before you kill yourself for failing are kind i would not have know you were there if you were just another human.” 

She knew. She could sense we were the same to.

“Let’s walk we need a quiet place to talk.”

She walked ahead with me about 10 meters behind. She stopped at the Rupert stump.

“This is the nicest most quite place in Linford wood right? I’m sure here was where you were going to talk to me.”

“We are the same.” I said stuttering slightly. “I’ve been alone for 15 years, until...”

“At the Crawford Arms, Arms of atlas were playing. I could feel your power. Power same as mine, the killing power that we have.”

Both of us simultaneously said “We need each other; we can start a clan for all the different ones.”

I blinked. It was done. We are now the beginnings of the start of are clan.

The End

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