a cinderella story ; a strange myth


So I waited there for years and years

Till my fairy godmother granted me a wish

She said,

Here’s your chance, wipe away those tears

Don’t miss what I’m leaving you with

Confused and anxious, I opened my eyes

I saw you; your face had that twisted smile

You said, Take my hand, forget your fears,

But this story is a myth

Yes, I attended the ball, but I cannot recall,

Where were you? When you said you’d be there,

So I turned around, and look what I’d found T

he garden where we met, with a few new arrangements

You had lied, I was blind,

Fantasy had lost its mind

In its own lie

The clock strikes twelve,

The magic has left us

I’m running down these tall steps

Wearing this lifeless white dress

And here’s a glass slipper,

Maybe you’ll remember.

Here, I’ll leave it behind

Someday, for you to find



The End

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