Feeding Time....Mature

Holding it by its wormy tail, Winona tossed another leaping, squealing rat into the bubbling pot on the stove. It let out a shriek and a gurgle as its insides quickly came to a boil.

It was the one working appliance in the Todaye twins' mansion; they didn't cook anything as a health-and-safety measure, but Gwen enjoyed subjecting her sister to culinary tasks after a fight.

It's alright, Winona told herself calmly, she has right to subject me to much worse, and she doesn't. My sin qualifies me for a life much harsher than this one with my sister. I can't complain.

"Winky! Nearly finished in here? Mr. Wood has been sitting in there for fifteen minutes, and he's already picked off the plate of flies." Gwen shadowed the doorway of the industrial-sized kitchen, hands on her hips, where several layers of lacy peach material hung like drapes around a picturesque landscape.

"Almost finished, Great one," Winona smiled, suddenly very conscious and ashamed of her attire - a simple grey slip dress that ended around her knees and seemed to hide every curve in her body.

"Alright, and don't forget the dips."

"Who is this man anyway, sister?" Winona asked, dropping the end of a fork into the bubbling pot to retrieve a steaming hot rat, and turning to place it on the platter she had already prepared. "Why are you so eager that this meal goes so well?"

Gwen clacked across the cracked kitchen tiles to murmur in Winona's jagged grey ear. This close, Winona could see that Gwen's skin looked pretty much pristine - no ugly protruding pores, no nibble-marks from cheeky rats; even the scar of her ear-to-shoulder wound seemed invisible and blended perfectly with her pale pink complexion.

"Do not use such words as 'eager', Wicked one," Gwen snapped in a hushed tone. "Weakness like yours is going to cost me something very important, and I will not stand for anything of the sort. You follow me inside, present the food, and then you sit there without a word unless I prompt you."

Winona nodded quickly, her eyes darting anxiously away from her sister's beautiful, harsh hard face.

Gwen turned to leave, but halted after a step to hiss in disgust over her shoulder; "There's a worm feeding in your eye socket, Winona. Remove it before you present yourself toMr. Wood."

Flustered, Winona raised a hand to her face, and indeed found a fat, wriggling earthworm that had lodged itself between her eyeball and her skull, no doubt gnawing on her conjuctiva.

"Gosh, how embarrassing," she whispered in horror.

"Really, Winona, you have to start paying attention to your appearance. No wonder you haven't found love."

The End

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