Easily Cast AsideMature

"Sit still."

Winona forced herself to relax as Gwendolyn dipped the needle in and out of her dead flesh.

"It's ridiculous. Injust. That you should cut off your own arm and then have me, your sister, sew it back onto your body."

"I've already said I was sorry, Gwen. What more do you want?"

"What more I want? I want a lot more, Winky. Life. Love. Life. Mostly importantly life. Don't you feel that pain too, sister?"

"I don't understand, Gwen."

"Don't you miss the simple sensation of human emotion? I know we have so little knowledge of who we were and what we were like. But don't you remember the feeling, Winky?"

"No," said Winona. "I don't. All I remember is pain. All I feel is pain. This is why I must perform these feats that horrify you so. And I envy you the fear, the loss, the heartbreak you speak of."

"Envy! My dear - is envy not one of those emotions you crave?"

Winona didn't even mull this. "It is not a fierce, jealous longing. It is but a simple a sense of wonder that I can easily cast aside and ignore."

"Wicked Winona, you do speak some nonsense at times." Gwendolyn did a quick, skilled backstitch and leaned forward to cut the thread with her cracked teeth. "You're mended."

"Thank you, Gwen." Winona flexed her fingers. She sensed her arm was a little off-centre, but at least the nerves - whatever was left of them - had reconnected.

"I envy your drive and your spirit," Gwendolyn admitted, not meeting her sister's eyes. "If something should fall within the circle of your fancy, you'd not hesitate in clenching it in your hands." She nodded towards Winona's newly sewn-on arm. "Or whatever you have left of those hands."

Winona gave a short, dry laugh.

"Although, my sister the Wicked," Gwendolyn said, taking a deep breath into her nonfunctional lungs and now facing her sister's eyes. "It is but a simple sense of wonder that I can easily cast aside and ignore."

The End

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