Undead Working GirlMature

New meat. Jane the Sly's pale grey feet were partly mangled - toes broken irreparably, scars cut deep into the flesh - inside her skyscraper heels at they clacked against the concrete.

Someone she didn't recognize had been hanging around there for a couple of hours now. He was undead, she suspected, from the scent he was radiating that only zombies and lower mammals could recognize.

She'd been planning on spending the evening skulking in the darkness, but when duty called, she was not one to pass it up.

"Undead, are we, handsome?"

In the dim light of the alleyway, the zombie looked at her with greed. His face was shrunken, his expression hungry and pathetic - anything but handsome. "Yes," he replied.

"Newbie?" Jane crooned, touching the stranger's face with the back of her grey hand. He closed his eyes at her touch. His skin was stone cold. Long dead. She took her hand away.

"Certainly not," he said in a hoarse voice.

Jane eyed him. She felt as though she should know him. Though she couldn't be sure. She snapped herseld out of it. Business was business. Elite member of the Weathered or not, she still needed to earn her living, and preoccupying herself otherwise would not do.

"Well, handsome, it looks like you haven't seen a good time in decades. Maybe tonight I could help you break the spell?" She flashed him her chipped brown teeth.

"If you're offering any freebies, I wouldn't turn them away." The look in his eyes showed nothing of excitement or intrigue. Just hunger and greed.

Jane pursed her cold purple lips. "Sorry dear. The streets aren't kind enough to the undead ladies of the night for us to give out freebies."

"Then keep walking, whore."

Jane had lived and done this for too long to take comments like that to heart.

"Your loss," she said, taking a step away from him.


She turned.

"What's your name?"

"Who is asking?" Jane demanded.

"I am." The stranger seemed earnest. As though they were no other answer. Did he even know who or what he was? "I feel like I know you. Have we ever met before?"

Jane was unsettled that his thoughts coincided with her very own. She hid the emotion from her face.

"No. Perhaps, in some other life. But those are the forgotten stories that should not be remembered or spoken off. Any more questions and I'm afraid I'll have to start charging."

The man flicked a rotted, partly-ingested hand. "Away with you then."

Heels clicking, Jane returned to her dark corner. It seemed she would spend the evening skulking after all.

The End

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