Gwendolyn knocked very gently on the bathroom door. Sometimes, she knew, her sister just needed space from her, from everything.

"Winky? Are you alright?" she asked through the wood

"No," came a whispered answer. Winona had apparently crawled right up to the door now. "Would you say the words immortal, monster and most importantly wic-" She suddenly choked. "Wicked," she spat. "Would you say a person that is all of the above is alright?"

"What are you talking about, you stupid sister of mine?"

"Oh, yes, add stupid to the list! I am also stupid!" Winona announced loudly to nobody in particular.

Gwendolyn pushed open the door. Winona crawled back.

Gwen stared at her trembling, wide-eyed sister and the pool of blood on the cracked bathroom tiles. Amongst it lay an arm - severed, abandoned.

"Corpses below, Winona," she snarled. "This has got to stop! How obsene this is! It's... it's simply unheard of! And anywho - what problem have you got that matches that of the one whose heart has been used at a chopping board for one hundred and six years?"

"I'm sorry, Gwendolyn." Winona stood in shame, clutching the stump from which she'd hacked her arm.

"And you speak to me of weakness?" Gwendolyn spat at her trembling sister. She eyed with disgust the hacked, bloody arm on the floor. "And sew that damned arm back on. We have guests coming in an hour."

The End

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