The Shadow LurkerMature

He watched his prey with contempt. A young woman, maybe in her early twenties. Oh, it was many nights ago since the aroma of fresh human tissues caressed his senses. Corpses below, he couldn't remember the last time he had feasted on anything that smelled this good...

If his body had been capable of producing fluids, his mouth would have watered. Spasms lurked in the pit of his empty stomach.

The girl was kissing her boyfriend goodbye. As they parted ways, the Shadow Lurker shifted to the corner of the building. A streetlight illuminated the girl's pale, elated face. Her skin was beautiful, firm, juicy-looking.

The hunger spasms took over now. The Shadow Lurker pounced from the blanket of shadow.

The girl had no time to scream before her mouth was clamped by a rough, cold pair of hands, and she was dragged to the ground. The Shadow Lurker smashed his victim's skull wide open on the concrete, and started on his feed.

The End

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