The Zero'sMature

Zero's are not human, they are much stronger, and wield Psionic, or Sionic energy, best known to most people as physcic energy. Zero's can be born into this world as human and then be turned but in most cases they were born into this world as a Zero.  The people of this earth began to fear zero's as soon as they started to appear. They appear to be human but their minds are corrupt with greed, and hate. There is no good zero, they are only selfish beings, who murder, rape, steal, and destroy. That is what the government wants you to believe anyways.  Yes they can be monstrous and brutal, but that is not all that is apparent. Also one thing the they have failed to say is where have the Zero's come from, and why did they suddenly appear. Nor have they told you why they hold this Psionic power.


The blood was still all over my hands, all up and down my body. I was still running, what was I running from? Why is there blood on my hands? Why is my heart beating so fast, why is my head ringing? Did I kill someone? I kept running, fear ran up and down my body like a wave of electricity, while it emanated from a piercing epicentre in my chest. I began to cry? Behind me all I could hear was my own footsteps as I tore down an empty dark brick laden alleyway.  My mind began to clear as the questions began to disappear to the back of my head. I remembered talking to a beautiful blond haired girl with green eyes, her body features were enough to entice any man. We were walking and then it happened a flash of bright light and a feeling of insanity washing over. But what happened after that?

I looked at my hands again the blood beginning to dry was that her blood? An image of her horrified face flashed into my mind. I killed her didn't I? I began to slow down to a jog, the streets where mostly empty except the for the occasional bast of cold winter air blowing away the loneliest of objects. The only light to light the lonely street was down five small breaking down condos with rusting metal fences leading up broken sets of stairs.  I was no where near where I had remembered seeing the beautiful girl or the bright light.  In fact I had the faintest clue to where I was. I was walking now carefully checking to make sure I wasn't being followed or to be seen. I was yet to set a destination but that didn't stop my feet from walking. This feeling that I was being pursued kept me going, this feeling of guilt was tying me down to earth.

A whiles later I had found a public washroom and washed up. Did I actually kill her? Why could I barely remember anything. I stared into the mirror searching for the answers. The only thing I got was my electric blue eyes slightly covered by my light brown hair that smoothly swept over my face, a pale but handsome face staring rate back at me. I was wearing a black t-shirt under a blue fabric trench coat reaching down to my ankles. My pants were a black now tainted with spots of red. I was wearing a nice pair of doc marten boots. I was still shaking, where the hell am I?I stared at mirror angrily I pushed off of the counter about to turn away from it when the image in the mirror shifted. I stopped in mid step taking a closer look.

I could see myself standing out front of a bar with the girl, she was laughing and I was smiling. Behind us a bright light came really fast, it was hard to make out what was behind the light, but whatever it was it hit us. Time slowed down as the two of us had now become over exposed splotches of black. My hand  pressed up against the light stopping it from crushing the both of us, but it was to late as the girl had been forced under the gap below the light and the ground, blood then covered the image, and melted returning the mirror image of myself totally dumbfounded. Was that real? Was I seeing things, is that something I wanted to see. I started shaking the fear taking over again, what was happening to me?

"Not an easy transition is it?" A deep voice called from the entrance. In the mirror I could see it was a large black man standing around six foot five.  I didn't dare to turn and meet him face to face.

"Do you even know your own name son?" He continued sounding amused. I shook my head in the mirror trying to tell my body to stop shaking," Its pointless that shaking isn't fear, its your body rejecting the Psionic energy encompassing your being, its trying to stay human. Any minute now your gonna be sick. However I'm quite amazed you made it this far without collapsing." I managed to turn around and offer a smile.

"Your a brave one, I like that. I'm going to help you out. Your name is Sean Falaris, however that is changing, your becoming a zero like me. Sean you need to keep you conscience in tact alright. Hold onto something alright, tether your soul to your body or you will be lost forever, only to be a thoughtless monster."  The words this man spoke began to echo as my site began to fade, I could feel myself falling.

"Good luck Sean, I would like to meet you again." I heard his words echo before my site completely fades.

The End

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