1.3: The Brave Amongst the Young

Knock. Knock.

"Come in Callum."

"How did you know it was me?"

"Lucky guess. And I saw Will leaving an hour or so ago."


Callum looked downtrodden, like a child whose game had just been spoilt. He walked into Millie's small flat and looked around, screwing up his face.

"What's with the mess?"

"I'm picking something to wear."

"So not dressing an army?"

He took one more look at the relatively large room with clothes covering almost every inch of floor-space and realised that it was going to be  long night.

* *  * * *

Will had just made that same revelation.

He was sat at a bar, drink in hand, wondering how fast he could drink it, how many it would take to get him so drunk he couldn't remember anything and how much money that would cost him.

Then, he took a sip and remembered that he was on the soft drinks; his head was still ringing from the night before.

"So, Anna," he said, already bored with their conversation, "what do you do?"

Her face shone with pride: "I'm a kickboxer."

His face just lit up.

* * * *  *

"I told you Millie! Pick the other one!"

Callum had been sat at the coffee table, drinking mug after mug of tea, for the last three-quarters of an hour. In that time, Millie had tried on over twenty different outfits, none of which was right.

"What about this one?" She stepped out of her bedroom, wearing a sophisticated black cocktail dress.

"Too much maybe?"

"Fair point. Wait! I think I've got it this time!" She disappeared into her room and at that second, Callum got up and hastily yet quietly moved to the door. As he heard the door start to open, he hid in the only place he could think of at the time - behind the opening door.

"So this is where I live."

Callum watched as Layla and two similar looking men entered. She shut the door without looking back, saving Callum the need to explain his presence.

"It's nice." the two men agreed and it was then that Callum realised that they were twins. "Sorry about being early! We hope your flatmate doesn't mind."

Just like clockwork, Millie jumped out of her room with a short blue dress on.

"What do you think?" she shouted.

As much as Callum wanted to stay and watch the fun unfold, he subtly opened the door and snuck out, finding Will stood there, almost waiting for him.

His arm was covered in bruises.

* * * * *

"Who are you talking to, Millie?"

She hesitated.

"You of course! I've been waiting in there for you to get here!"

"Well, shall we go?" the first man smiled, offering his arm to Layla.

"We shall." replied Millie, taking the second man's arm.

"Did we ever tell you about the time we saved somebody's life?" they said in unison.

* * * * *

"Now Will, you realise that I'm going to want to know what happened. You look terrible! So, I'm going to give you time to come up with a story that makes you look strong and manly while I go and get some ice."

Callum laughed to himself as he opened the freezer and took out it's only contents - ice. He threw a bag of it at his friend, who caught it with his sharp reflexes. Or luck, as Callum liked to put it. He slowly applied the ice to his bruises, hissing slightly.


"I was in a fight with a man who was being really horrible to a woman."

"So I'm going to guess, you were in a fight with a woman who was stronger than you."


"So it was your date?"

"I hate you, Callum."

* * * * *

As night began to fall, the girls returned with their dates.

"And we didn't stop! Oh no! We weren't afraid of that creature!"

"Well it's getting late." Millie and Layla said in unison with a frown.

"Well, good night then."

The two men went to kiss each of the girls on the cheek, but they had already hidden themselves in their flat before they had chance. They backed themselves up against the door and sighed.

"All night." Layla exhaled.

"The same story." Millie frowned.

"Together." they said. "No."

* * * * *

"I can't wait to see what they have to say about this!"


"The girls, our other neighbours, the people at the hospital."

"We aren't?"

"Better to be safe than sorry. Now this time, pick a better story."

The End

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