1.2: The Brightest Bulb

Callum was woken up by a rather annoying noise. Will mumbling to himself. Despite trying to get back to sleep, he got out of bed and dressed himself in the darkness, only banging his leg on his bed as he left the room.

"What the hell are you doing up this early, William?" His voice betrayed his disapproval, with his hands gently rubbing his eyes.

"Your alarm went off." Will seemed just as tired and just as frustrated.

Callum started to shake his head, scratching his head as he did so.

"No. Mainly because I don't actually have an alarm of any kind."


"Doesn't make a noise. Other than ticking."


"Probably but not that I've tried."


"Run out of ideas?" Callum smiled as his friend looked around the room for inspiration.


"So I'm going to go with, you're hearing things."

"I definitely heard something!"

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in! It isn't locked!"

Layla padded in, yawning.

"Is the beeping coming from in here?"

With that, Will perked up a little, almost shouting "So you heard it too then?"

"I'm the only one who didn't then? I feel so left out!"

"Any ideas, Will?"

"He's already out of them I'm afraid."

"Hey! In my defence, it is still early!"

"Actually, it's about 10am. Most people are already up and about by this time. Most people are at work at this hour!"


"Clearly not a morning person then."

"Well I have an audition in an hour so if you could possibly sort it out for when I get back, I'd be very happy."

"Where's the party?" Millie appeared in the open doorway, with her hair tied up and her glasses already on.

"What party?" Callum and Millie both looked at Layla with disapproval.

"Never mind. Something up?"

"Mysterious beeping."

"Well I didn't hear anything." With a smile, Callum hugged Millie, whispering a thank you as he did.

"You both banged your heads or something?"

"You have such little faith in us don't you?"

Then, all of a sudden, they could hear a beeping.

"That's it!"

"It's our phone." Millie sounded unimpressed as she went back into her apartment to answer it.

"Well that was an anticlimax. Well done you two!"

Millie returned with her head low.

"What's up? What did they want?"

"It was Brad from down the way. He wanted to know what the beeping was."

The End

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