1.1: A First Time for Everything

The corridor was silent.

Surprisingly so for an apartment block. The floor wasn't creaking which, for a fairly old building, was odd. The radiator wasn't humming which, even though someone had attempted to fix it on numerous occasions, it was still broken and constantly rumbled against the wall. The lights weren't flickering or dinging which, for cheap strobe lighting was a miracle. The corridor was at peace. The corridor was happy.

                But then, the corridor heard people coming. And its mood changed. It wasn't sad; it was just feeling normal. And so the floor creaked. The radiator hummed. The light flickered and dinged. The three women walked through the corridor and entered their apartment. Once the door slammed shut, nothing changed. The corridor was occupied and therefore, busy. The dust carried on gathering. The building carried on falling apart. It was all the same.

                  But something new was coming; they were coming up the stairs. The corridor was excited. It seemed like everything was repairing itself; everything was getting better. The only problem was who was coming. New isn't always good.

                Callum sauntered in; Will, however, plodded. The two unlikely friends kept a similar pace as they approached the door to their new home.

                "Try not to get us kicked out of this one!" Callum shouted sarcastically to Will, staring at him from over his shoulder. "Keys please." Will looked at him blankly. "Just give me the keys." Will continued his blank expression. "Tell me you've got the keys!" Callum was going slowly red.

                "I thought you did." Will replied, checking his pockets anyway.

                "Ugh." was all Callum could reply before he knocked on the door to their new neighbours.

                "I'm sorry but my intelligent friend has left our keys somewhere and we kinda need to get into our new flat. I'm sorry. I should have introduced myself. We're your new neighbours. Hello." He smiled at the woman who answered. It was Layla.

                "Oh. We do have a spare from the last lot who lived there if that could help. I'm Layla by the way." She extended her hand in a welcome gesture.

                "I know." He said. "I'm Callum. Remember me?"

                "Yeah!" she said happily. "You'll never guess who my room-mate is!"

                "You remember me?" Will said seductively.

                "Couldn't forget you Will. Come in Callum." Layla smiled and opened the door further. There was another woman in the doorway. It was Millie.

                "I thought I'd gotten away from you lot!" Millie said as she smiled widely.

                "No such luck!" Callum replied with a wider smile, hugging her and Layla in turn.

                "Miss me?" Will said cockily.

                "Who's this joker?" Millie smiled to herself as she wound him up. "You'll never guess who lives down the corridor!"

                Will winked at the two women; they both shook their heads.

                "The key you wanted." Layla handed it over, her hand lingering in Callum's.

He thanked her and turned to leave.

                "Callum," Will began.

                "You've found the key haven't you? At least this time you've got it in time. I mean it makes a change. You're just usually losing things, never finding them. I guess moving on has helped you." Callum didn't turn around but Will knew he was looking at him in a disapproving manner.

                "Kinda," Will said quietly.

Callum left the flat and entered his own, locking it behind him. Will nodded to their old friends and used his key in the lock. It didn't work. Unfortunately, he didn't notice that. He pushed on the door and began to walk in its direction. It didn't move but he did. He crashed into it loudly, prompting Callum, Layla and Millie to check up on him. He lay there on the floor. The three who were still on their feet laughed.

It was just like the old days. Their younger years were coming back. But now they were adults. But everyone knows that that makes no difference. They were just children inside.

The End

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