The Younger Years

A series of stories centred around a group of friends... anyone with a funny idea for what they could get up to would be greatly appreciated :)

It had been a long time.

Callum was sick to death of hearing that stupid bell ring to tell him to move onwards and upwards, prefering to jot down little scribblings in his notebook instead.

Will was happy enough flirting his way around, well everyone, smiling at almost every girl that passed by, having the occasional drink as well.

Layla was eager to move on to a brand new life, bathing in the glitz and glamour of the life that was about to come.

Millie was working hard despite the time of day and year, doing everything she could to make her plans for the future take hold.

Brad was nowhere to be seen as usual.

Rhiannon just went along with the others, content in her surroundings as long as she had a smile on her face and a cute guy in her eyeline.

Kate was sitting in the corner, strumming away on her guitar, in her own little world, dreaming of her award-winning, chart-topping song that she knew was in her head.

It was the end of an era. And the start of a new one. Little did they know how interwoved their lives would be.

But that was a few years off. They still had some growing up to do first.

They all smiled as they raised a glass to their future.

That could take a while...

The End

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