The Young Witch

Candace headed upstairs to get ready for school.  She walked into her prissy pink bedroom, sat on her bed, and looked up at her purple flower wallpaper on each wall.  She also owns whitewood furniture; each knob adorned with flowers.  Candace continued to sit on her bed and stare straight at the wall in confusion.  She couldn’t understand what her family might be planning for her.  How could there be a special day for her that she didn’t know about?  Just then, she heard her mother’s voice calling up to her to “hurry up” and “get downstairs.”

            “I’m coming!” Candace shouted down to her mother.  She walked over to her closet to pick out an outfit.  She sighed in relief when she grabbed her favorite dark blue v-neck t-shirt.  This was one of the few items not covered in pink hearts and purple flowers.  She searched through her drawers and found a pair of light ripped jeans and got dressed.

            Candace walked downstairs to see her family waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs.

            “Oh, you look nice sweetie,” her mother said reluctantly.  She never liked when Candace wore darker clothing.  Candace, however, did not understand why wearing a blue t-shirt was a big deal.  He mother seemed to think wearing anything but pink and purple meant you were “gothic” and into heavy metal music.  Her mother was such a bright person.  She always wore spring colors and plastered a smile on her face.

            “What’s going on?  Shouldn’t you be at work already?” Candace asked with a puzzled look on her face.

            “We’re taking you somewhere.  It’s a surprise, so don’t ask me where we are going!” her mother exclaimed.  Candace felt overwhelmed and confused with the current situation.  Her father took her hand and led her out to the car waiting outside.  Candace struggled against her father’s grip.

            “I don’t understand!  Just tell me where you are taking me!” Candace  shouted as she pulled her hand back to her side.

            “Mom, just tell her so she’ll shut up already,” Johnny offered as he made his way into the car.

            “Well, honey, we wanted to keep this a secret as other special families do,” she replied nervously, keeping her eyes on her husband.

            “What do you mean “special families”?” Candace said with a glaring look.  Her mother looked to her father realizing she revealed too much.  Candace looked to her father hoping he would explain what his mother meant by “special families.”  Her father looked to his wife and knodded his head giving her some sort of signal Candace could not comprehend.

            “Petrifocus!” her mother shouted with a flick of her wrist.  Before Candace could comprehend her mother’s words, she started to feel the ground coming closer as she began to close her eyes.  Her father caught his unconscious daughter and carried her to the car.

            “You could have been a little quicker on catching her, Jerry.  She almost hit her head on the pavement!” his wife accused.  Jerry shrugged, and carefully layed his daughter down in the back seat.  Jerry pulled out a large red button hidden under the seat.  He slammed it, and the silver car disappeared into space.

            Slowly opening her eyes, Candace felt dizzy and confused.  She awoke in a dark room strapped to a large chair.  She no longer appeared on her driveway where she remembered herself to be.

            “Hello Candace,” a deep friendly voice stated.  Candace looked around.  She could not figure out where the voice originated from.  She felt nervous and realized her palms were sweating.  She just wanted to talk to her family.

            “Your parents brought you here because you are special.  You, like your parents, are one of us,” he continued.  Candace began to see a dark shadow approach her slowly.  She sat in the chair clutching the armrest, afraid of what might appear.  Suddenly, a tall old man came towards her.  He wore a dark red cloak and his beard resembled snow.  His spectacles rested gently upon his nose, making his appearance intelligent.

            “Who are you?” Candace blurted out the words in her head.

            “I am Sir Reuban Dentimour.  I am the Dean of students at the Everlast School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,” he proclaimed in a proud manner.  He now stood directly in front of Candace, which made her uneasy.  What could he be talking about?  And what did he want with Candace?

            “Witchcraft?  What’s going on?  Where are my parents?!” Candace questioned.  Her frustration grew and she needed some answers.

            “Your parents are off to their duties, along with your brother.  You see Candace, we kept you a secret for eleven years.  You are now old enough to be exposed to your true identity.  The life of a wizard must be kept separate from that of an average human.  It is my job to inform you of your acceptance to Everlast School.  You will now begin your witch training,” he finished.  Candace’s mind was racing with ideas.  She was in disbelief.

            “So, my parents are wizards too?” she asked.

            “Yes, your entire family contains magical powers.  Both of your parents work for the wizard government.  Your brother is currently enrolled in night training to earn his wizard certificate,” he answered informatively.

            “So, are you saying that I’m going to become a witch too?” Candace continued to question the old man.  She started thinking about how she always felt different than normal humans.

            “Yes, you are a witch.  Your powers are slowly developing.  It is time to begin your training to control those powers toward producing heroic acts.  You will now be attending Everlast,” he stated.  As these words came out of his mouth, Candace rested her head against the chair.  Her eyebrows turned in and she began to think through what had just happened. How could her family keep such a large secret from her?  She was beginning to think back to the times she actually noticed her magic powers.  These times included when she was angry in class and the fishbowl erupted.  Or when she wanted a towel and saw it move closer then fall to the floor.  She only imagined she was dreaming, she didn’t understand she controlled these objects.

            “Why was this kept secret all my life?” Candace finally blurted out what was lingering in her mind.

            “Well, it is the rule of the agency to keep young witches and wizards unknown until they come of age,” He answered.

            “So, do I get a wand or something?” Candace asked mockingly.  She couldn’t believe all this was happening.  It felt as if she were dreaming.

            “No, not yet.  You aren’t quite ready Candace,” he replied with a gentle approving smile.



The End

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