One day a man using his toilet in the flat was told by one of the carers that he must use a yellow bag to relieve himself into as it was a more hygienic toilet than the humble toilet bowl. This was to prevent the toilet from being contaminated with dangerous bugs, which would result in disease being spread throughout the entire block of flats at Gumtree Lodge,
23 Marvellous Lane, Ilford.
The yellow bag was a clinical waste disposal bag, not only for medical leftovers, but also for use as a toilet.

The resident was also told that he must carry a supply of yellow bag toilets (a yellow bag used as a toilet) everywhere he goes so he wouldn't spread germs all over the place, and that includes the day centre where he goes to, and another thing,

'if no toilet is a available then he could use his clinical waste disposal bag as a toilet.
Once he has gone to toilet in a yellow bag then he takes it to the gents toilet down the road, empties it then puts it into a yellow bin inside the gents toilet, a bin with a flush system, for when you put your yellow clinical waste disposal bag into the bin you pull the chain on this bin and it gets flushed down out of harm's way, into disinfectant bath down below the ground and neutralised, all the germs being killed, before it gets put into an underground incinerator and burnt.

The End

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