The Yellow Rose

This is a romantic story about a girl who falls in love with a hunk, who is unhappy in his marriage.

What a day this turn out to be. Not that many people who would go to work in the one below degree weather. I was stuck at my lousy job as a news reporter at channel 3 news station. I was not pleased when my boss walks up to me and told me that I had to go out in this brutal cold weather  to do a story about the weather.

What a fat jerk! His brown curly hair is always a mess, he never shaves,  and he has that think fingers with filthy nails. Has he ever heard of underarm  deodorant? I guess not! After all, he always wear a white shirt with sweat rings. Who needs a very handsome guy who has a nice haircut, and a killer abs that makes a woman want to scream his name ten times. Who needs a guy that does not look like Fred Flinstone.

All of the guys I work work with does not have that good-looking image I really would like to talk to. They all look the same way. They are overweight, they talk about their wives like a dog, like those cheating morons have nothing better to do, and they can be such sexist to the point where their female co-workers would just go out to Fridays to eat.

The End

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