Knife in the BackMature

The freedom may have lasted a long time but the friendship did not. After a while I took a liking to my best friend's mate (as you know) and eventually we started going out. I couldn't have asked for anyone better. I was in love.

The problem was that he had been going out with another girl when he first got together with me. He had assured me he had broken up with her, but it turned out he hadn't. I should've been mad at him but I just couldn't go against someone I connected to so well. In the end this was a grave mistake and resulted in losing my best friend. She hated that he had gone out with his previous girlfriend before dumping her sister (another ex) and now he had done it again to his poor ex. She was mad at me as well which I didn't understand as I had never known in the first place. But she said now I did I should break up with him but I refused and it turned the school into a all-out battlefield between us. 

First she started by spreading rumours about me supposedly having sex with him. I hadn't at the time and it repulsed me. In return one of my best boy friends started telling everyone she gave her ex a blowjob in a tree house, whether this is true or not I'm not sure. He even went so far as to engrave it into a school piano. This got her all worked up and she made a Facebook page about him smoking and sent it to all his relatives. Again, to lash back at her he made a Facebook page telling everyone she slept around a lot and smelt bad. This got even worse results and ended in her reporting the page and a print out of the people who had liked it to our head of year. This meant half the school got into trouble. Luckily I had never liked him and instead had warned him against the page so I survived the glare of the teacher. Yet the girl still thought it was my fault and one day during break caught me while I was walking down the path behind the main school building. I was walking with my other best friend when she yanked hard on my shoulder and started shaking me, threatening to punch me in the face. Eventually I shoved her off and went to talk to our group of friends who all turned against her. She was exiled to the cafeteria and no one wanted to talk to her.

A month went by and soon she stopped going to school. There was rumours she had been put in a hospital, taken to an asylum, put in a children's home. Turned out the last one was true and she started coming to school once a week again. Supposedly she got paid just to come in for a couple of hours and thought this was a great way of earning money to feed her drug addiction. She really did start sleeping around with boys, losing even more respect from our group of friends. We avoided her whenever we could.

At the end of the school year we all went out to celebrate with a mass water fight. Guns and bottles at the ready. My boyfriend burnt his school diary and the rest of us went to the shop to buy fizzy drinks and sweets. Once there we hitched up our skirts, undid our shirts, loosened our ties and went wild, spraying each other with water and thoroughly having fun. Then she showed up along with her croney. A bully from my primary school. At first they walked past to our old camping site and ignored us, then returned to announce his Blackberry had gone missing. They accused us of stealing it. Seeing as none of us had gone near them it was a ridiculous notion and we told them so. This riled her up and she climbed up to me (I was standing on one of the old abandoned crazy golf models) and she tried to push me off. I relented her threw her off instead where the rest of the group poured a mixture of fizzy drink, stream water and mud on her. She went home in a ful mood, shouting hollow threats.

This was the beginning of a new horror.

The End

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