New 'dad'Mature

My parents got a divorce. My mother had met a friend at work and saw the lifestyle of a swinging single. You'd have thought she would have discovered the life she wanted before she had kids, but it never works out that way. She soon abandoned my brother and I with my dad and without her hefty paycheck we left our large house and moved to a smaller one. Private school was too much to pay so soon we were both placed in a lovely little public school.

Living with my dad wasn't all that bad. We lived in a dainty little house which overlooked a field which in turn overlooked a motorway. Then there was a train track that ran almost directly beside our house. But soon the sound of the late night trains became our lullabye. My brother and I had a lot more time to play with our dad and we made the most of it. Video games, board games, made up games, drawing... everything we did with our dad. However the strain of doing it all by himself was getting to him. 

One day our mother dropped in and said she wanted time with us. She had moved into a rented house not too far away and said we should stay at least one night a week. Soon we had our own rooms in her house, mine filled with teddies, her apology to make up for lost time. After a couple of weeks she introduced us to her new boyfriend. She had met him at a club, he was the head bouncer. I was shy at first and refused to talk to him yet my brother soon was joking about and chilling with him. 

A year went by with this routine and we were introduced to mother's boyfriend's son. He rarely saw him though as he lived in Brighton. His mother didn't want his father around and soon he was cut out of his life all together. He practically took my brother and I as his own kids after that and soon him and mum had moved into their own house.

It was all going fine. Well supposedly.

The End

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