A Day In My Life

It turns out I was late to first lesson English and all eyes turned to me when the door creaked loudly open. I kept my head down, averting my eyes to the floor, my cheeks burning with embarrassment, and made my way to my seat at the very back.

"Excuse me, Miss. Are you new here? You should really have come to me for your assignments first." The teacher chided me.

"I am not new," I said through gritted teeth, "I have been here for four years." Just to prove this I pulled out my copy of Of Mice And Men that the full class had been given to read by today.

"Oh." A look of confusion crossed Mr Hudson's face. "My mistake then, sorry. Now can anyone tell me..." blah blah blah, and the lesson continued, no one giving me even slightest bit of attention.

At lunch I walked into the cafeteria and looked around, looked at all of the groups in the heirarchy of our school, looked at all of the places I didn't fit in. I felt the familiar lump rise up in my throat, I hated school. I quickly went up to the service area grabbed a sandwich, an apple and a water and hurried back out again. I ate dinner alone in the toilets.

The End

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