The year 3000

A strange etheral creature hovered in the air outside lake view secondary school. It hid itself as the hordes of people and robots alike streamed out of the gates. Among them one had massive amounts of hidden   power. Her name was Cloude.


Cloude pushed back her hair. She pulled up her top slightly so she could reach into the pocket on her belt that contained her hoverboard. She pulled it out. For one moment it was the size of a nail file, but then shequickly pressed the button in the centre and it expanded to its real size, about the same as an old fashioned skateboard. She placed a foot on and a foot shaped blue light sprang to it and locked it onto the board. She placed her other foot on. Once she was secure she rose up to the second layer of traffic. The first layer was runners and people riding the slowly moving pavements. Then there was her level, where hover-boarders, hoverbladers and hoverbikers moved at thier pace. The third and final layer contained hovercars, hoverbuses and hoverpods, simple robots that carried mail and deliveries. The oil had long since run out, but a genius, namely Clement Garnett, Cloude's father, had discovered filniplex. Filniplex could be made from almost anything. Food waste, packaging all sorts. Old land fill sites had been emptied and the rubbish made into filniplex. There was also filnioil. Filnioil was great for powering everything and anything, from robots to Hovercars.

Cloude's family even oned their own perfectionizer. It took a scan of you and then you could remove all the things you didn't want such as spots, excess fat, hair. Or you could make your hair longer or change the colour. You could come out a totally new person. Cloude's mum worked as a professional perfectionist who worked the machines.

Cloude turned the corner and glimpsed her home.

The End

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