The YearMature

Lilly has never had a good childhood and now her story shall be told. What her future holds is always a mystery.

Music blasts out of my laptop and I sit there recapping my life. Nothing had ever been perfect, no truly happy moments and those that were close were always tainted with some form of misery.

It had all started when I was younger. It was the typical family scene- mum, dad, daughter and son. My mother worked as an air traffic controller and my dad as an aeronautical engineer. Both working in Heathrow Airport, can't get much simpler. We lived in a big house and had lots of family. My grandma lived down the road with my young auntie and several family friends were scattered about London. My dad's side all lived in Isle of Wight and most of my mum's was in Sri Lanka. It was just the average family and I was set up for an almost average childhood. Both my brother and I were attending private schools. But of course there is never such luck for anyone and one day life came crashing round me, since then it has never stopped. 

It was a normal day and the sun shone brightly, okay maybe not that normal since the sun in England is a rare occurance. Anyway I was about 6 at the time and my brother was 7. We were playing in the living room when my mother ran in and demanded both of us leave to our rooms. Slowly we waddled up the stairs and I followed my brother into his room.

"Go spy on them."

"I can't do that, they told us to stay up her." 

"Just do it."

I was young and extremely curious. Soon I was crouched on the stairs and had a good view of the kitchen where my mother and father were talking. It started off with mumbles and murmurs and I started to get bored of it. Just when I was about to go upstairs and play my mother started shouting. My dad tried to calm her but she was having none of it. She slapped her hand dramatically on the counter and I jumped. What was going on? I tried to cover my ears but the words ran straight through and drilled through my head like bullets. 

That night I had the worst nightmare I've had. I woke up screaming and sobbing. My father ran in and took me downstairs to the living room where my mother was sitting. The yellow light lit up her skin and she looked aged and worn. My dad mumbled something to my mother, stroked my hair and left me. That night I slept on the sofa with horrible images flickering through my mind. 

But the nightmare was yet to come.

The End

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