Taxi turmoil

The taxi driver lept from his cab and unleashed a stream of words, some of which were obscene, the rest of which i didn't understand so they could have been even more obscene.

I brushed the glass from my face, checking for injury as I did so. My face felt moist, but a glance in the car mirror told me that it was just sweat from the sudden shock rather than blood. I hoped that it was sweat i felt running down my leg as well.

I climbed out of the taxi taking a brief moment to see how the taxi driver was getting on. Two huge tattooed guys had got out if the van that had hit us and they didnt look best pleased, but either the taxi driver was fearless or felt that he had spent long enough with teeth as the sight of them didnt seem to slow his abuse.

I grabbed my bag and slinked away, I could hear sirens approaching so I knew that the driver wouldnt get too badly beaten.

I checked my watch, still time to get to the airport I guess, although I wasn't told what time to be there. I headed in the direction I needed, planning my next move.

The End

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