Who's Stupid? Oh yeah, that would be me!

I held a steady stride while running through the woods. I wasn't really paying attention to my surroundings. Just enjoying the wind on my face, I know these woods like the back of my hand anyway.

I came skidding down the bank, stopping just before the road. I WAS pretty pleased with myself untill I saw a pair of wide blue eyes staring at me. OH DAMN IT!!

I recoiled and stood a couple of feet away from her. Don't make eye contact! DON'T make eye contact! Oh god, Lily's gunna kick my arse when she finds out about this!


The girl was actually talking to me! Oh come on Oliver snap out of it! She probably thought you were late for the bus. Yeah that would be it. A boy just came skidding down a bank, because he just ran through the whole bl***y forest JUST TO GET TO A BUS STOP! OK Oliver, keep calm.

"When does the bus get here?"she continued.

'When does the bus get here?' It was a simple question! Well you have to answer her.

I turned concentrating on a very nice shrub across the road "Should be here any minute now". It was a simple enough reply. She nodded.

She kept on sneaking glances at me. To be honest I couldn't really blame her though. I just came out of the bleeding forest for gods sake!

"What year you in?" she questioned

Don't make eye contact Oliver. I concentrated on that very nice shrub again. "Eleven" That's it Oliver. Nice and simple.

She looked suprised. Obviously not expecting that. The bus came round the corner filled with other people from my school.


The End

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