My First Meeting

I turned and looked at the mud bank leading upto the woods. Still rubbing my hands together, I listened more intently. I could of sworn I heard thumping on the ground. Like running. I turned swiftly back around. "Great now I'm going crazy!" I groaned to myself.

Just then someone ,or something, came running down the bank at full speed. I turned, momentarily perplexed. He stopped and turned quickly with a very suprised expression ,on his rather beautiful, face. Obviously he wasn't expecting somebody to be here. I tried making polite conversation.

"Uh, when does the bus get here?"I said trying not to sound too much like I'm whining.

With a short pause he replied "Should be here any minuete now"

I nodded. Well he obviously wasn't the type to make conversation at a bus stop.

We stood a couple of feet away from eachother.I tried not to stare at him while admiring his features. The first thing I noticed was his skin. It was very pale. Not quite pasty or the white when your ill. Just very, very white. He had short, messy black hair (probably from all the running) and crystal clear green eyes. He looked about my age, 16. When I could drag my eyes away from his perfect face I noticed he had the same monkey suit ,uniform, on as me.

Without stopping what was coming out of my mouth I blurted "what year you in?" He turned but didn't look at me. "eleven" he replied and turned straight back round.

I was suprised (and I hope that my face didn't show it) that he was in the same year as me, as he looked much older. Before I could make a fool out of myself anymore the bus turned up. Thankfully putting myself out of my misery.

The End

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