A New Start

Great. The new girl at school. How cliché is that? I thought as I got ready for school. I put my hair up while thinking how crazy my mother was. Yeah this is a brilliant plan (heavy on the sarcasm) Brilliant plan mum. We'll just move from London into the middle of no where, also known as Yorkshire, and have to start a brand new life. New school. New friends and a new house. Great! you might think. But it is far from great.

I didn't even want to come here in the first place. I wanted to be in London, in my similar suroundings waiting for a bus to take me to school, that comes around the corner every 10 minuetes or so. NOT catching a bus in the middle of a country lane at the crack of dawn to get to a school named St. Clementine. I mean who names a school after a bl***y fruit. 'You'll be fine' she said, 'you're smart and funny and you'll make friends real easy. Just you wait.' Well I'm waiting right now Mum. In this monkey suit they call a uniform here, waiting for the damn bus to appear in the semi darkness of a country lane.

Mum seemed pretty distant these past few months since dad died. Like she wasn't quite with it. Not the crazy kind 'not with it' but the kind where people use the expression 'the lights are on but nobody's home'. Dad died in a car crash. They couldn't save him. I wouldn't say me and my dad were close, as he worked alot, but he was still my dad. We moved 2 months after the accident. Apparently mum couldn't handle the city anymore. Aparently she was to frail. Mum has never been frail. She's the strong woman type. I mean she looked after me all on her own while dad was on business. How much stronger do you want?

Well here I am. Freezing my butt off waiting for the bus in the middle of a country lane. "Well done Jess. You've really out done yourself this time." I muttered quitely to myself. Rubbing my hands together to get warm.

The End

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