The Wrong Book

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Have you ever sat on a bus or in the park watching the world go by, and looking at people’s faces guessing there life story. Sadly you might be right about most of these people. Like the business man walking down the street with his wedding band matching his rather expensive watch. He could have three children and a loving wife. He could also have a dirty little secret including the maid.

But of course, you will get the odd persons life wrong, it’s only natural. But how do you find out how wrong you were. Like the woman walking with her Chihuahua and several Gucci bags, she could be a successful business woman or she could be in mountains of debt. As I said, you will never know. But just remember this, do not always judge a book by its cover. As you may enjoy the contents more then you thought.

But in a person there may be hidden truths. Some peoples are bigger then others. A book is simple. The words are there as the story should unfold, not hidden on other pages. No my friend, the mind of a human is quite complex.

That theory works of course if you are actually human… then it could be as complex as reading a blind mans book, when you are not actually blind.

The End

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