17 years later

Sliding his sword back into it's scabbard, the battlefield fell eerie and dead quiet. The clinking and clanging of blades clashing against one another, the deathly screams coming from poor souls about to have their lives taken from them, it was all over. The bodies of the dead scattered around, some with limbs missing or terrible wounds, could now lay at rest.. Their land terrorised no longer, their families safe from the darkness that had swept throughout the land for the past twenty years, eradicating all that was good. Overlooking what used to be fields of farming villages, happiness and wildlife, Ryn realised that this was finally the day everyone had been waiting for.. The day the people of the land came together and made history, by defeating the forces of evil and restoring hope. Wiping the warm, sticky sweat and blood from his forehead, the sun gleamed down on Ryn's steel armour, which was now dirty, dented and blood stained from battle. The smell of burning and death lingered within the air, and along with the eerie quietness and distant groans of injured soldiers slowly dying, Ryn didn't feel as if any victory had been won here. Looking down at the black and red markings spiralling up his arm, He knew a deeper, darker secret lay over the horizon, one that laid within himself... a darkness inside of him. “Lord Ryn, look! We are finished!” A nearby soldier called, pointing towards the hillside. Ryn looked up in an instant, to see that another wave of enemy soldiers were approaching, chanting and bashing their shields. “Formations!” Ryn yelled, ducking down and being surrounded by his fellow soldiers, all of them with shields and spears pointed in the direction of the oncoming enemy. There were thousands of these demons, thousands against a couple of hundred of Ryn's soldiers, all tired and fatigued from the previous battle. “We cannot retreat! If we retreat, all of these years of fighting would have been for nothing... We can do this, we can slaughter these pigs and put an end to this right now!” The men began chanting, ready for battle... but their enthusiasm came to a halt as they caught a glimpse of what was approaching over the hillside. Something the size of a building, maybe even bigger.. A behemoth! Ryn had always heard stories of these beasts, single handedly wiping out armies and villages.. eating the bodies of the dead to keep energised. Grasping the handle of his sword, Ryn prepared himself for the fight of his life, and while looking down at the Markings on his arm they began lighting up, going from black and red to Blue and purple, a strange and unknown power surging throughout Ryn's body, the markings the source of the power....

The End

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