Fall of Heramore

Plunging the sword into the demon's chest, the soldier roared in anger to the unsuspecting
attack. Pulling back, the sword slid back out of the monsters chest, blood splattering
all over the defenders steel, shiny armour. Looking back towards the city gates, flames
could be seen rising above the city walls. "Breach! We have a breach!" He yelled,
signalling to the other soldiers surrounding him within the battlefield. "Evacuation is well
under-way! We must hold the line!" The soldier next to him replied, afterwards slicing a nearby demons head clean off of it's shoulders, the corpse falling to the floor motionless, blood gushing out onto the grass from the open wound. Looking over his sheild, it had only just hit the first soldier that there were thousands of these demons, they just kept on approaching, wave after wave. While thinking, out of nowhere another demon slammed into his sturdy, black sheild, which startled him and knocked him to the ground. Gazing up, the demon swung back it's mace to finish the final blow, to cave his skull in. "Wait!" He yelled, and as he did so the mace smashed down onto his face, creating a massive, oozing wound, blood gushing out like a waterfall. Watching the ongoing battle, seeing his fellow soldiers being cut down and ripped apart in front of him, An onlooking soldier realised that if he didn't retreat he'd surely die. "Fall back!!" He screamed, sprinting back the city gates. Jumping and avoiding the piles of dead, bloodied bodies littering the floor, fear had took him over. Incoming arrows hit the floor around him, sometimes hitting the corpses that had already been killed. Reaching the city gate, he'd hoped it would open, but instead remained closed and he knew the enemy forces were approaching, slitting throats and chopping off heads in their path. Turning back to face the battle, he stood and stared at the large rocks launching through the air from catapults, arrows impacting on unsuspecting soldiers, knocking them down in an instant, mists of blood appearing from swift slashes and chops of swords, the dark grey smoke filled sky. This was the end, the Demonic forces of the underworld had arisen, for what reason unknown. But the soldier knew one thing, there was no stopping them...

The End

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