Chapter Six: The Quest Confirmed

"What can I do?" Kanji asked the man.

"The reason you couldn't enter the lords chamber is because you know that you are not everything you could be. That you couldn't show yourself in the hollow state that you are in. Now you go to Triton with your friend, you save the one you love." The man voice was now very purposeful.

"How do you-?" Kanji started, he stopped himself. This person was clearly more than he originally looked.

"I already know what The Lord will say. This will be a difficult journey, you will return however having reached your full potential. You will be the man you always wanted to be." The man went on for a while and Kanji listened intently. He wasn't sure why but he felt that this man had the keys to all the locked doors in his life.

"I know this because your friend does not speak with the lord, he speaks with a decoy. The threat of war looms over us and Thibaut is acting as such. He is now in disguise so to speak, talking with a new friend."

"How do you know all this." Kanji was trying to figure out what was happening, was he speaking with a spirit? an ancestor?

"You know this, deep down. You also know who I am, when you realise you will not be surprised." The man smiled. The conversation began to turn lighter after a while and the two men spoke of many things. Kanji relaxed and began to talk freely, joining the man with eating rice cakes and drinking tea, not having any idea what this mans name even was.

Kanji was enjoying this mans company so much that he didn't even realise that it was midday. Sejus would surely be done by now, Kanji shot up and made a deep bow to the man, who returned the bow and thanked him for his company. As Kanji left he realised he still didn't know the mans name, when he turned to ask the man had gone.

Sejus was stood outside the main door, tapping his foot impatiently when Kanji eventually turned up.

"Where have you been?" Sejus barked. Kanji told him and Sejus tutted impatiently.

"We have been given leave to go to Triton in an attempt to recover Amora and find the cause of the attack. First we need to go to town and get some supplies, then Captain Henry will be taking us to port town." Sejus had not yet dropped the formal tone, which irritated Kanji slightly. He felt slightly patronised for a reason he couldn't fathom. They strolled down the huge flight of steps down into the streets of Leviathan.

Kanji dwelt for a while on his new friend. He had no idea who he was, why he knew so much or why he wanted to help. His thoughts drifted as the pair walked. The low chatter from the main market became louder. This was where they were headed for supplies.


The End

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