Chapter Five: The Insightful Stranger

As the pair began to walk through the great doors a great sense of humbleness and insignificance took a hold of Kanji. Something stopped him and made him feel unworthy of the Lords chambers, so much so he couldn't physically bring his body to enter. Sejus stopped and shot him a puzzled look.

"You go on, I'm going to be of no help here." Kanji said solemnly. "You know what we plan on doing."

"Ok, well I will try to make this quick." Sejus said, still slightly puzzled. Kanji turned and left the hall of Leviathan at pace, overwhelmed still.

In the brilliant morning sun he walked alone around the grounds of the castle, the guards let him be and he soon found himself among the serene beauty of the flower gardens. He began to dwell on the past few days events, desperate to figure out what had comeover him.

Was it Sejus? His failing at the battle of Pike? His childhood? Being unable to save Amora? The fact he was so filthy even? Kanji couldn't figure it out. He cursed out loud.

"What on earth was that!" A mans head popped out from among some of the shrubbery. It was a portly face, kind looking but firm. The face wore a startled expression.

"Oh Im terribly sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you." Kanji said quickly and as humbly as he could.

The man looked intensly at Kanji for a while then pushed his large frame from the shrubbery, he brought with him a rug and a hamper. The man laid out the rug and motioned Kanji to sit without saying a word. Kanji obeyed, he wasn't sure what it was but this man gave an impression of being aloof from everyone else and yet not arrogant.

There was an awkward silence as the man looked at Kanji still, he was nibbling on a plain rice cake and drinking tea, taking great care not to spill anything on his extravagent white robes.

"Um." Kanji started eager to break the awkward silence.He considered asking why a gardener would be wearing Stone Silk robes with gold trims, he changed his mind however thinking it rude. He normally wouldn't mind but it seemed that this man was someone to be respected.

"You know who I am?" The man asked abruptly. Taken aback slightly Kanji stammered. "Good." The man said before he could utter a reply.

"You are going to think me a strange old hermit friend but thats not important. There is a lesson you need to learn." The man was quiet, he took a bite out of his rice cake and sat patiently for a moment.

"A Lesson? In what?" Kanji was intriuged, but failed to express that in his monotone voice. The man seemed to understand.

"I see promise in you, I know why you are out here and in the chamber."

"I couldn't bring myself to go in." Kanji felt inclined to open up to this stranger. As if he was owning up to a bad deed to his father.

"You know why?" The man inquired, now looking straight at Kanji.

"No." Kanji looked out at the beautiful, multicoloured flowers decorating the area. He couldn't understand himself today, why was talking to this wierd man anyway. A short slap over the back on the head quickly brought Kanji back into the conversation.

"Yes you do!" The man cried. "And so do I, I will tell you why." Kanji did not reply, he was still quite frankly rather annoyed about that unneccesary slap over the head he had just recieved. "You have potential to be better, you could overcome any foe, gain anything you wanted. Right now though you can't, and why? Because your an empty shell of potential thats why and you know it."

Kanji nodded, he felt the awkard pang of defeat as he did. He felt like a small boy still, he also wasn't quite sure how to react to this stranger. He cursed himself for not hitting the man back. He was however slightly grateful for the man not noticing, or ignoring, the state of his appearance.

"It seems we have much to talk about, my new friend." The man relaxed now and stared at Kanji expectantly.

The End

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