Chapter Four: Leviathan

A day had passed since the battle, Kanji and Sejus had been taken to Leviathan and given rooms in an inn. When Kanji finally woke up he found that Sejus had already been out and returned from the castle.

"We have an audience with Thibaut Kanji." Sejus had told him. He seemed completly revitalised. His breastplated cleaned, new clothes, neat golden locks and not a scratch on him.

The pair left the inn early that day, eager to miss the hustle and bustle of the main market they went through the upper class district of the city. Sejus led Kanji through the long white stone streets, where everything was neat and well kept. Bushes trimmed as if they were show dogs, white floor as shiny as it would have been when it was first placed. Upper class people in there extravagent white robes looked anxiously at the pair and grumbled when they were out of earshot. Kanji especially, looked as if he had been dragged from the slums of Triton.

They reached the castle in good time, approaching the great building up long marble steps and through a front door that you could fit a storm whale through. They were met almost instantly by a chamberlain, who guided them inside the main hall.

"Good day to you both." The chamberlain greeted, looking closely at the pair, he gave a slight look of disdain at Kanji before continuing. "Your a little early."

"My apologies." Sejus began, his voice bold and regal. "You understand why we are here already I presume?"

Kanji drifted off for a moment as the pair spoke politely to eachother. He noticed that the main hall had no windows and was only lit by torch's hanging from the extravagently decorated walls. Great shadows were cast all around the room, Kanji saw that his own shadow was hidden inside Sejus' much larger one.

He looked at some of the many tapestries hanging from a wall, one caught his eye however. A picture of a great man, blonde and wearing white robes, lay on a bed of needles. He was dead. A giant black shadow lingered over him threateningly, its mad face learing malevolently at the heroic figure laid below. A smaller man in dirty robes hid behind the shadow, ready to strike.

"Ok Sir, please follow me." The chamberlain said to Sejus, beckoning him through. "We do not however let your kind in however." The chamberlain looked again distainfully at Kanji, his dirty clothes hung baggily from his frame, his greasy hair looked as if a bird had decided to make a home on his head and his face was covered in mud.

Kanji glared angrily at the chamberlain, disgusted at being looked down upon. He clenched a fist and began to growl, bearing his teeth. Sejus stayed his hand with a gesture.

"He is with me." Sejus had not dispensed with the formalities it seemed due to his royal tone. The chamberlain nodded and allowed them both through into the chamber of the lord of Leviathan.

The End

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