Chapter Three: Awakening

Kanji had never felt so much pain. His body ached and there was an area of his face that throbbed fiercely. His eyes slapped open, he thought for a moment he had been drinking until he saw the desolation around him.

Dead bodies, torn and bloody, lay scattered everywhere. The floor had turned into a thick, muddy mess. Smoke still waved around in the morning light. Soldiers in full plate mail were searching the bodies of the fallen. They carried spears and shields and their banner bore the insignia of a giant snake rearing to attack a Galleon, the insignia of Leviathan

Kanji struggled to his feet and looked groggily around. Sejus was involved in the search, he looked tired. Bags hung heavily around his eyes and his breast plate was covered in blood. He didn't acknowledge Kanji's attempts at movement. He was, instead speaking to a captain.

"It doesn't matter, they clearly are from Triton." Sejus was close to shouting, clearly tired and angry.

"We have no proof." The captain began to argue back but Sejus cut him short.

"Yes we do! Just look at the equipment, Triton is the only city in the world able to manufacture firearms let alone train soldiers in their use!" Sejus was fighting to keep composure now, his features twisting into a fierce scowl.

"They bore no insignia-"

"To hell with your insignia. Good men and women have died tonight and your telling me you don't want to report this? Who the hell lost their marbles and made you captain?" Sejus' voice erupted into a great roar now. "To hell with it, I will report this myself!"

"Triton?" Kanji muttered to himself, oblivious of the argument. He went over the previous nights events very slowly until he remembered one very important event. "Amora!"

Kanji's weakened legs had not the strength to hold him now, Sejus was there to catch him as he fell, having decided he should leave the captain to his blunders. Kanji patted Sejus on the shoulder in thanks, his legs felt as useless as a newborn babies.

His thoughts flashed back to the past. Back to when the pair were children. They had always lived in Pike, always been great friends and always respected eachother. They competed a lot, but Sejus always won, he was however a graceful winner and always encouraged Kanji to try harder. Sejus acted as an older brother to Kanji, despite them being the same age. The villages views on the pair had never changed, Sejus was the dashing hero and Kanji the outcast yob.

At sixteen Sejus left for three years, training in the art of the Paper Sword. He became one of the only three people in the world who owned and could wield such an advanced weapon

Kanji met Amora at the age of seventeen on a day trip to Leviathan. They fell in love very quickly and were married within six months.  Now with Kanji being twenty two the couple, still as in love as always had decided that Amora would leave her work as an ambassador and settle down to create a family. However, with her kidnapped this seemed a far off dream.

"Sejus." Kanji squeaked, he was fading out of consciousness again.

"Kanji." Sejus returned calmly.

"We have to find her." Kanji's words began to fade as he finally slipped from conciousness.

"We will my friend, we will." Sejus sat back, leaving Kanji where he was and fell asleep himself.

The End

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