Chapter Two: Battle

"Get ready boys here they come!" Sejus roared as dark figures began to charge down the hill in front. The twang of bow strings could be heard as some of the defenders opened fire. The enemies were charging at extreme pace, roaring with animalistic fury.

Sejus screamed a challenge as they hit the barricade. He reached over and grabbed one enemy by the throat,  dragged him over the barricade and brought his metal clad foot down on the foes head. Crushing it.

Kanji swung randomly at the ferocious enemies. Beheading one, another climbed over and landed next to him. Kanji whirled round and killed that foe with a strong blow, he was shocked to find it was a normal man, weaponless and completly naked.

Soon the first wave had been beaten off. The next group to appear came slowly. These men were obviously heavily armed, they carried long rifles and wore visored helmets that vaguely glinted in the light of the torches some carried.

"Kanji get down!" Sejus shouted as the attacker opened fire. Bullets sprayed all around, throwing sparks everywhere. Kanji had difficulty seeing amongst the smoke that seemed to be arising. Men were shouting frantically, some were screaming.

One heavily armoured man stepped over the barricade, Sejus sliced with his paper sword and the heavily armoured man fell into two pieces. There was smoke now, Kanji guessed that they came from another direction as well as this one.

"Pull out!" One man shouted.

Bullets continued to be sprayed around and there was more screaming.

"What can I do? Damn these guys could be anywhere." Kanji muttered searching frantically in the thick smoke.

"No please. I beg you. Ple-" Another man's screams were silenced by the sounds of gunshots.

One man lay near Kanji, he was armless and screaming for his mother. A figure appeared in the smoke, it began to unsling its rifle when Kanji acted. He moved with speed he scarcely knew he had, running the man through with his sword.

"We're moving back, we have to protect the civilians until help arrives." Sejus's voice was full of confidence as he placed his hand on Kanji's arm. They moved together through the smoke. Kanji had completly lost his bearings, the only reference being the screams of the dying from behind.

Another scream caught Kanji's ears, through a gap in the smoke he saw two soldiers binding and holding Amora. Suddenly consumed by rage, Kanji stepped up and was just about to break into a run when Sejus grabbed him.

"Damn you fool, don't you see they have gun's." Sejus hissed.

"Get off me, they have Amora!" Kanji cried, desperation filling every ounce of his being.

"They have her hostage. They wouldn't bother to take her if they didn't want her alive now calm down."

"No I won't!" Kanji struggled from Sejus' grip and charged out. He couldn't see Amora or her captors so instead attacked the nearest enemy, screaming every swear word he could think of.

The soldier he attacked saw the first blow and dodged it. Kanji swung with the force of an enraged lion, however all skill he had was lost in his rage. The foe stepped in and smashed his face with the butt of his rifle.

The last thing Kanji heard over the screams of the wounded and the dying were trumpets in the distance. He saw a figure stood over him, swinging a blade. Then his vision faded

The End

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