The Wrath of Leviathan

It was four O'clock in the village of Pike. Kanji stood looking out at the great city of Leviathan. He had been waiting for a few hours and was yawning constantly now. He was a fairly strong man, five foot ten in height and of average build. He had long black hair that he always wore tied back and a short, unkept beard. He had a small scar down the left of his cheek that he had had for many years.

"What time did she say she'd be here?" Sejus asked for possibly the tenth time in the last hour.

"Three." Kanji answered in his usual low, gruff tone.

"Haha. Women eh?" Sejus laughed. He leaned back against the shabby wooden gate into the village and brushed his long gold locks back. He was different in many ways to Kanji, taller and wider. He had huge muscles that bulged from his tight brown vest and deep piercing blue eyes.

It was beginning to get darker and colder now and Kanji was starting to nod off. He was thankful for Sejus being there to keep him awake. Eventually a carriage could be heard coming down the road from the main city. Kanji stood up, frowning.

"Finally." He grumbled to nobody in particular. Sejus didn't move.

The cart pulled up to a halt outside the city gates and the carriage door opened. Kanji's frown twisted into a genuine smile when the passenger was revealed.

"Amora!" He exclaimed hurrying over to the carraige. Even in his gruff, monotonous voice a hint of joy could be heard.

"Kanji! Oh I'm so sorry I have been away for a month. Things took a lot longer than anticipated." Amora's gentle voice replied, equally as joyfull. She threw her arms around him and pressed her slender body against his. Then, without invitation, she began to tell him of her trip.

"Thibaut's at his wits end." She began. "If things between Triton and Leviathan continue this way there is going to be a war. Myself and the other ambassadors can see that!"

"War? Over the sea? Neither side can afford such a thing!" Kanji said, to tell the truth he wasn't really interested in what he was being told. He was in euphoria for seeing his beloved wife again.

"Well the three levelled city has got one over on us. Seeing as we can't even attack it!" Amora clearly hadn't understood Kanji's dissinterested tone yet. Thankfully Sejus had.

"Well you've had a long trip." He said stepping almost regally from the shadows, his strong features showing a kind and welcoming smile. " Come, why don't I cook for us? Then you can get some rest and we could talk about this tommorow. I for one am interested to hear about the outside world." Kanji drifted off for a moment, Sejus' cooking was spectacular.

"If gold was a food, that is what it would taste like" Kanji found himself thinking, then secretly scolded himself. Sejus always did everything so well, better than Kanji ever could. He hated this fact despite Sejus being his best friend. He nodded in agreement to Sejus' words and they turned to go into the village.

"Hold on." Sejus put his hand up and his head perked up, using his substantial height to see if he could confirm whatever it was that it was he had just heard.

"Whats wrong?" Amora asked.

"Shouting?" Sejus muttered, although nobody heard him.

A boy came charging up the road from the village. He was clearly putting every ounce of effort into running. He barely managed to stop himself in front of Sejus, he pointed frantically out into the distance and panted out something indiscernable. He looked frightened.

"Sm-sm-sma" He continued to pant.

"Steady boy. What is it?" Sejus commanded


The End

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