And fly to the nearest wood

Isabella hates going to the town because everyone tries to cach her so that she is burned at the stake! Isabella pefers going to the woods whhere she can get all the food she wants for free!

Once Isabella reached the wood she decided to go for a healthy young fox. So she flew low over the chattering and shivering young trees to find a nice young fox. When she caught sight of one she cast a spell to make it rest. After the fox went to sleep Isabella flew down to it and cast a spell that would duplicate the young fox and took the duplicate after wakining the real fox, to her cave where she heard some voices saying

"Oh wow look at that couldren that is a beuty isn't it?"

"Yeh it is but what has she been cooking in it? I wouldn't go near it if I were you!"

"Ah well come on lets camp here were our parents won't find us and hopefully she will be nice and kind to us like she is always saying she will be!"


Isabella gulped because as well as trying to be nice to the villagers she was scared of them so she gulped and...

The End

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