2: espionage

    "Wait, so what is your name?"

    "That doesn't matter much anymore. Call me Adrasteia, it will be my new name as a Sun Warrior."

    "Oh. Alright."

    Adrasteia turns to sit on her cot, raven-black hair swirling behind her. She lowers herself slowly, eventually just releasing herself to fall back and lay there.

    "And what am I to call you?" she asks the other girl.

    "Uhm, I was hoping you could help me with that," she answers. "But first tell me, how did you decide upon a name so fast?"

    "Well," Adrasteia starts, "it requires a bit of explaining. When Nyx told us his name, I immediately thought it sounded familiar. I racked my brain attempting to come up with its origin, starting with Greek and Roman mythology. That got me nowhere, until I had a crazy thought."

    "What was it?!?" the girl interjected.

    A little annoyed, Adrasteia continues. "Well, I started thinking of figures that weren't gods or heros, but some of the more common names. That, too, got me nowhere."

    Another frantic phrase soon followed. "But did you figure it out?"

    "Yes, I did. I ---"


    A short sigh from Adrasteia, before starting again. "Yes. My mind exhausted of names, I thought it would be best to give up. But suddenly, it hit me. Hard. Nyx, you see, comes up three times in history. Most recently, it was the name of a moon of Pluto, discovered at the same time as Hydra. It is also an asteroid, though both those are relatively insignificant to what I came to next."

    "Which is!?!"

    The girl was beginning to test Adrasteia's patience, though she was a well controlled girl and didn't let the interruptions bother her. Outwardly, at least.

    "Nyx is a woman's name." She braced herself for the flurry of exclamations, which, surprisingly, never came. So she continued. "Nyx was the Greek goddess of Night. She was one of the first goddesses, and gave birth to many more, such as the gods and goddesses of Blame, Toil, Death, Sleep, Deception, and Strife."

    "Well what does that mean?" queried the other girl.

    "I don't know, but it must signify something," Adrasteia answered. "So, I have chosen my own name to match his, and I await his reaction eagerly when I reveal it."

    "And why's that?"

    Another sigh from Adrasteia, followed by a brief explanation.

    "My name is Adrasteia. The name means "inescapable," for one. It was also the name of another Greek goddess, who was charged, along with her sister, of taking care of Zeus when he was an infant. She was also thought to be a representation of the goddess Nemesis."

    "Isn't Nemesis the goddess of Revenge and stuff?"

    So she does know something. "Of a sort, yes. Nemesis was also, interestingly enough, one of the daughters of---"

    "Of Nyx! Right?"

    "Yes," said Adrasteia flatly. "I see you've caught on."

    "Yes, I have," the other girl answered. "In that case, I shall take the name Amalthea, the goat-herding nymph who aided Adrasteia in her care of Zeus."

    Now it was Adrasteia's turn to be dumbfounded, her keen mind confused for once. The feeling passed quickly, and the girls' conversation turned once again to happy banter.

    In the ceiling above, a young boy had his ear pressed against the panels, his heightened senses capturing every word of Adrasteia's and Amalthea's conversation.

    I must report back, he thought. They seem to know much, but it is up to the Master to deem if that knowledge should be fatal.

    He slithered off on his belly, making sure not to make too much noise above the heads of his unsuspecting charges.

The End

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